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HTC Merge wins the prize for the first CDMA Android World Phone

HTC MergeHTC Merge is the first CDMA Android World Phone from HTC and comes with HTC Sense UI flavor, HTC’s customization of Android. HTC Merge is not a high budget cutting edge technology phone, is rather a mid-range phone which joins the latest rally of HTC’s recent phones announced at the MWC.

The phone features a full QWERTY keyboard which makes the phone a heavy slided one even though it’s not that thick. HTC Merge will come with Android 2.2 Froyo and let’s hope that for the future it will support the 2.3 Gingerbread version. The HTC Merge is not going to bring an upgrade to old Android smartphone users0 because it doesn’t features something new and the specs, if you compared them to the latest additions, are below average. But don’t worry this is going to be a good phone for those who are stepping into a newand wiidespread world of Android smartphones.  The display of this phone is big, a 3.8-inch capacitive touchscreen and on the back a normal 5-megapixel camera with shooter will serve your purposes of a general point-and-shoot camera. You can record videos up to 720p with the camera.

The physical QWERTY keyboard is a good one and everybody knows that HTC is good at making QWERTY keyboards. It is well spaced and the keys are smooth to press. The processor speed is clocked at 800MHz which is good enough to run Android Froyo smoothly and the RAM has 363MB available for the users. The phone will come with Bing loaded as the default search engine which may be a letdown for some users but you know, but just wait one day after the release and you will know how to root the phone and set Google as the default search engine. The Mapping of this phone is not so good and that has got a solution too: you can download Google Maps from the Marketplace.


Now let’s come to the point of World Phone because even if the phone is a CDMA phone, is going to have a SIM card slot also. This means you can use other networks from different countries of the world by inserting and changing a SIM card, but this does not mean that you will be using this phone at AT&T besides Verizon or Vodafone. The SIM card slot is intended to be used for global roaming and it’s expected that you will be under the roaming plan of your CDMA operator while using different SIM cards in a different country. Maybe an update or a hack will fix this little issue in the future and make the phone fully functional as a GSM phone.

In the connectivity options you are getting 3G, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi with hotspot functionality to use the Rev. A 3.1Mbps 3G network and integrated GPS. HTC Merge will also have a number of Social Networking and media sharing apps enabling you to share your thoughts and moments instantly with your friends.

HTC Merge is going to hit the stores in Spring 2011 at multiple North American operators as said in the press release.


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