Ubuntu Tablet with Convergence can be used as PC

Ubuntu TabletGood news everybody: Canonical has announced the new Ubuntu tablet. It can be instantly turned into a desktop PC just by connecting a keyboard and a mouse. Sounds nice? You can even add a monitor to the mix to get the full PC experience from the tablet.

This is one different way of looking at these multipurpose devices unlike the convertibles released by Asus (Asus  Transformer series) or Microsoft (Surface Book). The lines between smartphones, tablets and laptops are getting blurred everyday with the release of each new device. A close similar experience on the Windows side can be found with the Windows 10 phones with ‘Continuum for Phones’. In that case, the user has to plug the Windows Phone to a dock that is connected to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. That phone is already available in the market.

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Big Image Quality in a Small Package – Mokacam 4K Camera

mokacamThe Mokacam claims to be the world’s smallest 4K camera. Magnificent for people who travel, go on adventures or want to take photos while being active. The size makes the Mokacam comfortable to hold, to put in small places and is designed to be picked up and used straight out of the box.

There are some interesting features to the Mokacam 4K camera. Recording video with the Mokacam means you can record for extended periods through a snap on battery pack (As well as an internal battery). The ability to mount the Mokacam to any metal surface gives you the ability to get some interesting and creative angles. Motion Activated mode detects movement to provide the best focus and footage possible. An add-on screen that rotates 270 degrees gives extra control of the images (The add-on screen also has an integrated battery for extended battery life).

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CES 2016 Day 3 – Dell, Oculus Rift, Huawei and Fitbit

Dell Latitude 12 7000The announcements from CES 2016 keep coming. Dell has what is possibly their biggest product launch ever and look to be aiming towards business customers. The Oculus Rift isn’t what some were hoping for and appears to be an expensive gaming experience unlike any other. Huawei has shown off the smartphone they’re going to be releasing in the US, and it’s a smartphone at an affordable price.

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CES 2016 Day 2: Samsung, Sony and LG Announcements

Samsung CES 2016Televisions are making big waves at the CES this year, with Samsung, Sony and LG announcing premium screens that look beautiful and awe inspiring. The image quality isn’t the only addition to television sets, as companies innovate and mature what a smart TV is. CES 2016 is showing where smart home entertainment is heading with Samsung, Sony and LG leading the pack.

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CES 2016 Day 1: Transitioning to the Future

CES 2016 Day 1Technology is heading in interesting directions. With the Internet of Things connecting everyday items that weren’t digital before, new materials being used to create beautiful screens and the internal hardware of digital devices becoming inexpensive and opening up new markets of customers to digital technology. The CES 2016 consumer technology show gives developers and individuals a look at what’s to come in the future.

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PINE A64 mini computer: When size doesn’t equal power

Pine A64 Mini ComputerPINE A64 mini computer, found on Kickstarter, is a 64-bit high performance expandable single board computer (SBC) that is similar to the Raspberry Pi. Except with more power at your disposal. These new tiny computer boards are in a fight to be the cheapest computer available. The use of devices like the PINE A64 is up to you. The device can be used for work, entertainment or education. To know how to use their devices to suit your needs is something you have to learn, and knowledge of programming and computing possibilities isn’t a bad thing to have an understanding of.

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Top 5 must have gadgets for 2015 Holiday Season

Happy Christmas2015 is a year that wasn’t the most mind-blowing with digital devices but was one where you could almost feel the future coming.

Microsoft finally worked out how to make a tablet that can replace your laptop. Apple designed the Watch which is a step forward in hardware and will shine when developers create killer apps that demand the Watch be on your wrist. Epson finally changed the way people print with the Eco-Tank printer series. Sony’s Playstation 4 and Roku 3 showed what a device with focus and a specific job to do (Instead of being another device that attempts to do everything). Below is a list of my favourite digital devices from 2015. It was a tough list to make, but these are the devices that impressed the most and are the top 5 must have gadgets for 2015.

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