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iPhone X vs iPhone XR: Is it worth buying an iPhone X after the price drop?

iphone x vs iphone xr

Apple has recently started to sell refurbished iPhone X’s for $769 which is a very similar price to the new iPhone XR. Even though the iPhone XR comes with many updated features, it is logical for many users to go for the OLED display equipped iPhone X which is also better looking than the XR counterpart in many ways.


In terms of design, the iPhone X is better in every way compared to the iPhone XR.

The thick bezels around the XR can be eyesore for many iPhone users. On the other hand, the users will not really notice the difference if there is no other version of iPhones to compare. Both of the iPhones do not have any home buttons at the front, which have been replaced with gesture based navigation and both are also protected against water and dust with an IP67 rating.

In terms of size, the iPhone XR is slightly bigger than the iPhone X. If you prefer a one handed device, iPhone X should be your definite choice out of the two.


If we’re talking specs, both iPhone X and iPhone XR have their pros and cons.

IPhone XR is far ahead when you look at their processors, but the lack of a camera at the back can be noticeable if you are already used to the 2x zoom lens at the back of your phones. The A12 chip in the iPhone XR is not that faster than the A11 chip inside the iPhone X, but the difference is clearer when it comes to energy efficiency and image processing from the camera. Hence, if you expect more screen on time from your phone, iPhone XR is the best iPhone you can own.


When it comes to the display, this iPhone X vs iPhone XR battle gets very one sided. Even though the LCD display of the iPhone XR is good enough with its lower (1792×828) resolution, the higher contrast and resolution (1792×828) of the OLED panel of the iPhone X blows it out of the water. The display of the iPhone XR does not feel too bad if you do not have the iPhone X to compare it with.


Camera is one of the main difference in this iPhone X vs iPhone XR battle .

Even though the iPhone X is blessed with two cameras at the back, the camera in the iPhone XR has the A12 processor along with an upgraded sensor to deliver higher quality images. Even though you can use depth control in your pictures using the single camera of the iPhone XR, it lacks the capacity to do the same if the subject of the picture is not a human. If you prefer a 2x lens at the back of your phone at the cost of the updated sensor and processor, you can go for the iPhone X.

Other features

In terms of other features, you are also going to miss the 3D touch in the new iPhone XR which adds to the ease of use and navigation in the iPhone X. In most of the cases, 3D touch has been replaced with long press in the iPhone XR. You should also be ready to use both of your hands if you go for the iPhone X since it is very difficult to use the XR using only one hand.


With similar price tags, if you want one winner in this iPhone X vs iPhone XR battle, you will have to pick your features. The iPhone X comes with a last gen processor and a premium look, but the iPhone XR offers a variety of colors and the latest processor also used in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If you have been following closely, all of the features mentioned in this article has picked specific winners, so the winner of iPhone X vs iPhone XR battle is up to your choice of features. At this price point, you cannot really go wrong with any of the choices.

Article Name
iPhone X vs iPhone XR: Is the iPhone X Worth it After the Price Drop?
The refurbished iPhone X has just been added to the Apple stores at a competitive price of around $770, which makes it a good candidate against the iPhone XR at a similar price range. Which is one for you?

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