Google wants again to end Android fragmentation

Android LogoGoogle has announced that they will be pushing their partners to update to the latest version of Android. And this time, they are really leaning on them.

The problem has been a thorn in Google’s side for years. Updating to a new software requires the compatibility in hardware. Smartphone manufacturers generally make it back compatible, creating new devices that still run on an out of date version of the software that still works, and so reduces changes that have to be made.

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Google IO 2016 brings new plans to light: Assistant, Allo, Duo, Android N and Firebase

Google IO 16Today marked the annual tech event, Google IO. The company announced their plans for the coming 12 months, including Androids new Daydream virtual reality platform.

Google IO 2016 and the Dawn of Coming Tech

Hype has been building over Google’s potential releases for the next year. As expected, we got a peak at their VR platform Daybreak, as well as Google Home. We also caught a peek at Google Assistant, a conversational two-way dialogue meant to improve the usability of Google across the board.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update cool features

Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateBuild 2016 kicked off this week with Microsoft’s with one of the biggest news: Windows 10 anniversary update announcement. Whatever you feel about Windows 10, whether you like it or not, the operating system is here and has Microsoft’s full support behind it. Windows 10 is on 270 million active Windows devices, with more than 75 billions hours of use and ended up on more devices quicker than Windows 7 by 145%.

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Raspberry Pi Zero is the best cheapest computer device ever made

Raspberry Pi ZeroRaspberry Pi is unlike other digital device companies in that Raspberry Pi seems as if it’s about the computer, not the profit. Following on from the success of previous devices, Raspberry Pi is releasing an even less expensive device, the Pi Zero. The price of the Pi Zero is $5US and aims to give people their first taste of programming.

Knowing how to use the software on a computer is different to know how to use a computer. The computer and how to program it isn’t something unknowable or incomprehensible. Programming literacy is gaining importance in education and the workplace. Knowing a little about programming, about how computer hardware works can help individuals to do more with their machines that use them as an expensive word processor or communications device.

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Google announces second generation deep learning with TensorFlow

Google TensorFlowLearning is something that helps something to grow and mature into something more than what it previously was. Google has been developing ways for machines to learn, starting with DistBelief back in 2011. DistBelief was a first generation device that could do some amazing things, like learn a concept like “cat” from unlabelled YouTube images. As with all first generation devices, there were limitations to be figured out.

TensorFlow is a second generation development from Google that takes DistBelief to a different level. One issue with Distbelief was its reliance on Google’s internal infrastructure. This reliance made it near impossible to share research code with those on the outside. TensorFlow is released as open source; Google announced on the Google Research blog.

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One Windows, many devices: The next chapter for Microsoft is here

Microsoft Surface BookThe next generation of computing is arriving now. Laptops have been great due to their portability and functions. Tablets showed potential but never really gained the functions of a laptop. If you were someone who owned both, maybe you felt like me and wondered why you owned both. Tablets seemed like toys more than anything else. Microsoft has released their first laptop that combines what’s good about laptops and tablets into the one device.The Surface Book laptop has a smart design and some interesting ideas built into the device.

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Meet the new Apple TV and Siri Remote

Apple TV and Siri Remote Apple TV has been out for a while, and it hasn’t done much for users. It’s never been the best device and when compared to the usual Apple fare it feels cheap and underdone. Following the Apple announcement of its new range, Apple TV looks set to have a new life. The vision of Apple is that apps are the future of television, and the Apple TV is set to bring its range of apps on to in home screens. The remote is also updated and features Siri for voice searching across your various content providers.

The chip inside Apple TV is the A8, and this runs the new tvOS. The tvOS is based on Apple’s iOS, and developers will be able to create apps for this device that will enhance the viewing experience televisions are capable of. New games and apps will come through the Apple TV App Store on the television for users to browse and download. For developers, Apple is releasing a tvOS SDK with tools and APIs to give them the ability to create new ways to watch programs and be entertained by television.

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