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GPD WIN Max handheld game console to start shipping in July 2020

Gpd Win MaxGpd Win Max, an interesting handheld gaming console that is going through IndieGoGo funding process will start to ship in July 2020 . The aim of the GPD Win Max is that it is a combination of the portability of a handheld device and the graphics performance of a gaming laptop.

At first, the developers were going to use the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor, but after seeing the release of the Intel 10th generation processor, that was added instead to give the Max a large boost in gaming performance. Also, the 10th Generation processor is superior to the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U and is in fact nearly as good in performance as the NVIDIA GeForce MX250.

The GPD Win Max is the first and only PC console in the whole world that can fit in your hand. It has a super-fast charger which is around 65W. This charger can also charge devices like tablets and phones. The Max also comes with a sink in joystick in case you don’t want to use the keyboard.
The Iris Plus 940 graphics allows the Win Max to run games with a high fps (frame rate), making gameplay extremely smooth for the user.

Gpd Win Max Design

The Win Max has a cover on top which is made of magnesium aluminum alloy and the main body is built of LG-DOW 121H aviation anti-shock resin. Overall, the whole product uses a 1.3mm thickness in the shell to stop resistance from high temperatures and stops bending of the device. All of this protection allows the Win Max to be durable and tough stopping it from easily breaking.

All buttons on the machine are hollow for air intake. And foot pads are attached to stop obstruction of airflow. Overall there are 9 outlets to avoid the hinge blocking the flow of air providing better performance.GPD Win Max

Gpd Win Max Features

The device uses an 8-inch screen which is safely protected by 5th generation Gorilla glass. The 1080p screen uses pixels per inch to show the difference between the size of the screen and resolution. It also determines the screen sharpness.

The built-in controller uses the design of the Xbox 360 controller. It features L3 and R3 buttons and has a 360 ° rotation for the joysticks. The sticks use curved rocket caps on top to avoid finger slipping while playing games.

The built-in D-pad has a split arrow key layout from the PS4 controller to give the user accurate movement when playing. All controls have a double layer on top and have enough space to allow comfortable button pressing.

Win Max has the cooling solution of a PC. This improves heating performance and stops the device from heating up. It has heat pipes and very high-power turbofans.
If the temperature becomes too high, the fans automatically adjust the speed to control the heat levels.

The Max has an HDMI 2. Ob controller to support 4K, 60Hz video output. The device gets around 18Gbps of bandwidth and up to a whopping 32 channels for audio.

Win Max has a Thunderbolt 3 port which has a fast transmission rate (8x faster than the USB 3.0 40Gbps). Another cool feature is that the Thunderbolt port can have 2 4K / 60Hz connected at the same time.


Overall, people find it difficult to call Win Max a featured gaming console. This is because its processor isn’t strong enough to run the latest gaming titles. It might be a bit inconvenient using it when playing online games due to its mouse and keyboard control. However, it’s a great gaming console if you need something easy and portable to use.

The price of Gpd Win Max is around $890, but this this price is only available for the funding period on IndieGoGo. Retail price will be $1400.

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