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CES 2019 was all about LG and Samsung TV battle

CESCES 2019 wrapped up last week and we were able to see some of the gadgets that will shape 2019. Among a lot of Alexa, Google and Siri integrated devices we were also able to see new TV technologies developed by LG and Samsung. Both giants came up with some amazing new ideas, LG with a finalized product, while Samsung with a promising new technology.

LG Signature OLED TV R

Also known as LG’s rollable TV, this amazing new 65-inch TV was seen last year as well during CES 2018, but it was more like future product/concept than a real deal. We’ve learned that this year LG improved it and it’s ready to start selling it soon with a whooping price of $8000.

LG Rollable TV CES 2019For start we know that the aspect ratio can adjusted in different ways to fulfill your cinematic experience: Full View, Line View and Zero View:

  • Full view is the standard mode. This will let the TV behave normally while exposing the OLED capabilities, amazing contrast, full viewing angles and realism.
  • Line view lets you drop down most of the OLED panel and only let around 1/3 of it. This is great for apps or for watching some photos or listing to music.
  • On the other hand Zero view mode rolls down the OLED panel and hides it inside it’s box.

LG OLED TV R will be fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple Airplay 2 + HomeKit, so expect some cool integration in the near future.

It will be cool if LG will allow the TV to adjust the picture and aspect ratio so that you can eliminate the black bars, while watching movies. I think this TV is something worth watching.

Samsung Modular Micro LED TV

Also known as “The Wall”, this cool TV technology it’s just a concept for now

Samsung showed us a glimpse of what this new technology is capable. It measures 146 inches and uses MicroLED technology to produce what Samsung thinks is the best picture quality. To deliver this outstanding picture quality the TV features self-emissive technology and modular capabilities.

Samsung Modular Micro LED TVThe Micro LEDs are featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce brilliant colors on screen.

One of the coolest thing about this new technology is that it will give you the possibility to customize your own TV side in the future. And besides this there will be no bezels.

Samsung claims that regardless the size of the customized TV the quality of the content won’t be affected.

So there you have it. After years of struggling and no ground breaking new technologies, two of the leading TV giants are finally back with something real that we will be able to experience this year or in the near future.

We will call this a draw as we cannot decide a winner today, but you are free to let us know which new TV technology has excited you more – was it LG or Samsung?



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  2. Christian Morales

    Wow! Amazing! It’s very expensive but portable smart tv.

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