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Android 2.3 comes with a flavour of Gingerbread

Android GingerbreadGingerbread is the name for the 2.3 version of Android and today is the time to discover how this changes is different from the previous versions. The sources that rumoured that the changes in Android 2.3 would be minor are now silenced totally. With the official announcement of Nexus S, Google also announced that they have finished Android 2.3 and their next mobile phone will be one of the first devices that will get it.

The first change that needs to be mentioned is the change of User Interface(UI). This time the navigation is easier to use and more battery friendly. The look of notification and its behavior has been also changed and now almost all the elements of the UI have been redesigned like the background, scroll bars, menu icons, keyboard etc. The keyboard is better now because the virtual keys have been re-sized and given a more user friendly interface.

Google Nexus S Virtual QWERTY

Copy and pasting has been made more functional this may be the best solution for the mobiles without trackballs. There are two tracking arrows to help you select the text comfortably and you can easily replace any word with correction or synonym from the dictionary without opening a separate app for that.

A big problem of Android OS is its battery drainage. Whenever it’s a debate over Android and other OS shows that the weakest point of Android is the battery life. The reason is the number of processes going on in the background all the time even if you don’t need them. And as there was no stock process manager in the previous version only advanced users managed to download third party process manager and remove the unwanted processes. Now, Gingerbread features a process manager which will monitor the active processes and even sometimes will shut them down when they are consuming too much memory. There is also a new download manager in Gingerbread which will let you keep track of all your downloads from various sources like webpage, emails or any app. In the previous versions there was no download manager at all and all the downloads from different sources became scattered across the phone and card memory.

Android 2.3 Home Screen

There are two more exclusive features which need to be mentioned: NFC(Near Field Communication) and Internet calling(that is a stock SIP client). Using NFC you will be able to interact with any NFC chip tagged on anything like a movie poster or a packet of any commodity. Though it’s given with Gingerbread it will also need hardware support to enable this feature. That means the old phones which will be updated to this OS are not going to get this feature if those do not have necessary feature for that. As for the other feature, Internet calling will require setting up an account by the user as it will not be given with the phone.

Android 2.3 is fully optimized for gaming unlike the previous versions and it has the capability to control a large number of sensors. So there will be many types of gestures available as input for gamers to play the games they like. To wrap it up, Gingerbread seems to taste really good, but only time will tell us if this will prove to be successful.



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  7. NFC??? Really Google? Trying to sweeten the dreadful RFID chip technology with new cute name?

    This is pathetic

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