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Sony VAIO S Series Laptop is coming this March with Core i5 processor

Sony VAIO S SeriesThe VAIO S Series laptops are clearly different from the other VAIO laptops and the heavyweight specs are loaded inside very portable designs. It is a big surprise within a small package as the 3.9-pound device is loaded with an Intel Core i5 processor which comes from the latest Core series of processors from Intel.

It features a display of 13-inch with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels so nothing is compromised to make this laptop ultra-portable and now you are getting the same power of desktop computers with an extreme mobility.

The first thing to talk about the VAIO after even you have a brief look at it, will be the design. The VAIO S series comes with a new ‘full flat’ design which actually may not look so good, but when you touch it, it’s wonderful. The VAIO S series may not be the lightest laptop, as the MacBook Air weights just 1.75Kg, but the power which it holds under the hood worth twice the weight.

The Core i5 processor which the VAIO S series features is the second generation of the Core series from Intel called Sandy Bridge and Sony claims this is an improvement and a re-branded Core i5 processor. Other than this you get the genuine Windows 7 Professional operating system installed with it and of course an assumable bigger price tag.

Sony Vaio S Series Keyboard

Another notable spec that this laptop holds is the battery life control-there are two modes when you will be operating the laptop: The standard mode and the Stamina mode on which you will be able to use this laptop on battery up to 7 hours, but that’s not all because you will also be able to add another optional battery which can be charged separately without connecting to the laptop. So with the optional extended battery you can work up to 14 hours at a stretch without connecting to any power unit. That is a big plus to the portability of the laptop, making it useful for a one or two day trips outside the town without carrying any chargers.

There is also a switching system in the Hybrid Graphics System which lets you switch between the integrated Intel HD graphics or the Dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6470 series graphics(1Ghz memory). This will let you decide by yourself what amount of power the display will take depending on your work. The Display Plus screen is given a low-reflection coating which enables you to view the videos and documents comfortably in different lighting conditions.

The VAIO S series Laptop come with 4GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM and a massive 500GB hard disk, ensuring you can keep all your files in this highly portable device. It also has a HD web camera powered by Exmor which should be very useful with the VAIO ‘everywair’ 3G as it goes up to 7.2Mbps of download speed via your mobile operator network. Don’t forget the other connectivity features: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, High-Speed USB 2.0, SuperSpeed USB 3.0. Some of the Vaio S series models will have Blu-ray drive and the rest are supposed to come with DVD SuperMulti Drive.

These ultra-portable Sony VAIO S series laptop is expected to arrive in the market from the end of March this year. There’s nothing about the pricing yet, but this surely it’s not going to be a low-priced gadget anyway.


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