Windows 10 Anniversary Update cool features

Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateBuild 2016 kicked off this week with Microsoft’s with one of the biggest news: Windows 10 anniversary update announcement. Whatever you feel about Windows 10, whether you like it or not, the operating system is here and has Microsoft’s full support behind it. Windows 10 is on 270 million active Windows devices, with more than 75 billions hours of use and ended up on more devices quicker than Windows 7 by 145%.

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Facebook Home, an interface made for social enthusiasts

HTC First Facebook HomeLast week Facebook announced HTC First, a phone made for ‘people, not apps’. During the announcement event, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage, as usual, to speak about Facebook’s new achievement: a suite of apps “disguised” under Home brand. Facebook Home looks like a regular user interface, similar with what we’ve seen at HTC, LG, Samsung or other Android OEM’s.

The difference between Facebook and other Android OEM’s is that Facebook has a powerful weapon: the biggest social network in the world. When you design a phone for over 1 billion active social users, you have a lot of chances to succeed. Add Android openness to this recipe and you’ll also have the perfect partner. Voilà!

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An in-depth look inside the iPad Mini

Apple iPad MiniIf you’ve been on the Internet at all in the past few days, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a promotional video for the iPad mini. The video features the standard Apple cast of Jonathan Ive and white backdrops to show you how revolutionary the newest Apple product actually is. While all of the glamor of an Apple event may not excite you, we think that what’s inside the Apple mini will probably get you going. If you don’t already own an iPad, now may definitely be the time to jump on the bandwagon.

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Amazon competitors should be afraid of Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9Obviously, comparing the Kindle Fire HD with every other tablet on the market would be a waste of your time and ours. So, in order to show you what really matters when you’re making your decision about what type of tablet to buy, we’ve broken down the Kindle Fire HD’s core competencies and then toss them up against industry standards within the tablet market. Without too much rambling, let’s see what the new Kindle Fire HD has to offer.

Which One?

Amazon has released two versions of the Kindle Fire HD. There’s a 7” model and an 8.9” model. They’re pretty different in terms of what they have inside and what kind of functionality they can put out. So, we’re going to break down the 7” model to begin with and then take a look at the 8.9” model after that.

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Sony at IFA 2012: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras and TVs

SONY IFA 2012Yesterday in Berlin started IFA 2012, one of the premiere European tech conferences, where there are a couple of big companies making product announcements this week. Sony is taking the center stage with the first round of announcements about a ton of new products up to view ranging from televisions to cameras to phones. As we tend to focus mostly on gadgets for around the house and on the go (Phones, tablets, and laptops) I’m going to skim over some of the consumer grade equipment before getting into the details you are really looking for.

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Nokia, Samsung, Sony Mobile and others together to form In-Location Alliance

Nokia Destination MapsTechnology companies are notorious for not working together, lately due to patent issues, so it is always refreshing when they decide to work together for creating something new. What is even more rare is when you have the likes of Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Mobile sitting down to form a technology alliance to be innovative in an area that has been severely lacking in having a mainstream adoption or standard service. It’s great in that case to see that they have come together with 19 other companies to create the In-Location Alliance.

The full list of companies involved are: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Mobile, Broadcom, CSR, Dialog Semiconductor, Eptisa, Geomobile, Genasys, Indra, Insiteo, Nomadic Solutions, Nordic Semiconductor, Nordic Technology Group, NowOn, Primax Electronics, Qualcomm, RapidBlue Solutions, Seolane Innovation, TamperSeal AB, Team Action Zone and Visioglobe. The main purpose of the group according to their press release is to be able to provide a: “high accuracy, low power consumption, mobility, implementability and usability.

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Amazon released Glacier cloud storage solution

Amazon GlacierAmazon has launched a new cloud service today for archival purposes and it is one that should make almost anyone who needs archival storage sit up and take note. The traditional choice for many enterprise and small business customers in the past was to use optical media or tape-based storage. The old way was both an expensive and time consuming process that you not only have to spend time backing up the software and sending out or archiving recovery data and making sure it has secure storage.

Today Amazon’s new service is looking to change that. Amazon Glacier solves all of these problems and does so in the cloud. This is Amazon’s second gamble that the cloud is the future of data storage for users and along the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Apple they are betting big on this, however this usage is targeted at the Enterprise market.

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