Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is finally coming

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1With Apple and Samsung patent war spreading across the news it’s been almost hard to remember that both companies have products coming out soon. Apple has the iPhone 5 coming out and Samsung has their latest tablet, the much hyped Galaxy Note 10.1 being released. The problem is that there hasn’t been a lot of news about Galaxy Note 10.1 besides the exact details we all know from the official announcement.

For those who want the immediate listing on that I’ll let you know quick, but there will be a few other pieces of news and information on the product as well. The actual release date? Well Samsung has pulled an Apple styled announcement for timing here. The release if the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is actually going to be today, August 16th with a price point of $499 for the 16GB version and $549 for the 32GB version.

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Microsoft Windows 8 is now RTM and will become available from October 26th

Windows 8 Metro UIToday, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturer (RTM) so the final product is ready for release. After a year of testing and going through a large consumer test, the operating system is ready to be released. The code for Windows 8 is being sent out today to all of Microsoft’s OEM partners and final preparations for the upcoming PC models can now be tested with the final release of Windows 8.

This is Microsoft’s big push on making an actual change to their Operating System to not just hold onto their market lead as the top operating system provider in the world but also to regain some ground that it has lost in recent years.

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Marissa Mayer is going to save Yahoo by turning it into Google

Marissa MayerWell it’s Marissa Mayer’s second week of being the new CEO of Yahoo and it’s clear she’s missing her old home over at Google. How much is she missing her position at Google? Well she’s decided to make a ‘few’ changes to Yahoo’s workplace that reflect the culture she just left.

The first implementation of this is probably going to be one of the most forward as the company is going to have major changes moving forward. Yahoo has been struggling for years and major changes are needed to make its future a viable one. To keep everyone in line with a new outlook on the company the first change is a classic from her time at Google – a weekly Friday afternoon meeting with everyone working for the company.

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OS X Mountain Lion roars with Apple upgrades

OS X Mountain LionSo what happens when Apple releases a new operating system? Well today it’s not just an Operating System update, there is a whole lot more going on. From how the Operating System sleeps, interacts with applications and a few new applications included with the software – this update is a winner for Mac owner’s everywhere.

The big winner though is it is bringing a unified login to Apple users. This is the foundation every major OS player has to start leaning towards to allow true interaction between device types. Google’s been doing it already and it looks like Apple now has it down.

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Latest iPad “Mini” rumors: design, price and specs

iPad and iPad MiniFirst let me begin that here is no name set for the 7″ iPad that is expected to be announced in the near future. If it follows the iPod it will be called a Nano but the “iPad Mini” and “iPad 7″ have all been tossed around as well.

The Amazon Kindle has proven that 7″ tablets have a place in the hands of consumers and between its success and the upcoming pre-order success of the Nexus 7 this is the first piece of technology that Apple is going into in years where they are actually late to the table. That being said iPad’s are still the tablet of choice and therefor should have a quick advantage on taking the throne of the 7” tablet.

According to Mashable – Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, one of the industry’s top analysts, told attendees at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen that an iPad Mini was “highly likely.”

So why is it likely? Well it basically is an easy way to expand their product line in the tablet market. While they own 90% of the 10″ market it lowers to 75% when you look at the market as a whole and that’s a lot of additional room to grow in still.

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Android takes 51.8% of the U.S. Smartphone Market

Android Eating an AppleWhile there are multiple manufacturers of Android devices it’s officially a clear cut case that Android now holds the vast majority of the smart phone market in the United States.

With over 51% of the market share Android, the little mobile OS that could, now is on more handsets then every other mobile OS that is available combined – including the once mighty iOS.

Apple has been losing ground to Google all year in the United States as Google’s devices have been spreading to more of the populace. iOS itself has fallen to having over 1/3rd of the market which is still a respectable number, though not the dominant force that it once was.

The real question though is iOS losing numbers to Android or is Android growing to new smart phone users? The answer is actually a little bit of both though most of the newer Android owners are first time smart phone buyers and not conversions.

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Google Nexus 7: Cheap, Competitive and Beautiful

Google Asus Nexus 7 TabletNexus 7 tablet is a winner in many ways. It comes loaded with the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and is the first tablet to have it. It is fast, fun, and full of punch. When compared to other tablets greater than $300 they all fall along the wayside. Not only can you surf the Web with ease, but you can play games without problems and it is compact.

The feel is solid and sleek for a $200 machine. There are just too many cheap tablets to overlook this beauty. The hardware is built by Asus, so it is no wonder that it is solid. The front is encased with Gorilla Glass and the back is layered with a slight grip, formatted in a stippled rubber. The whole tablet is 7.8×4.7×0.4 inches, weighing in at 12oz. You can easily hold it in a single hand for a long time without troubles.

The 7-inch IPS LCD screen supports 1280 x 800 resolution. While the resolution is greater than the Kindle Fire, there is a fat bezel encompassing the screen meant to give you a place to rest your thumbs without obscuring any part of the screen(while playing games). 

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