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Google Nexus 7: Cheap, Competitive and Beautiful

Google Asus Nexus 7 TabletNexus 7 tablet is a winner in many ways. It comes loaded with the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and is the first tablet to have it. It is fast, fun, and full of punch. When compared to other tablets greater than $300 they all fall along the wayside. Not only can you surf the Web with ease, but you can play games without problems and it is compact.

The feel is solid and sleek for a $200 machine. There are just too many cheap tablets to overlook this beauty. The hardware is built by Asus, so it is no wonder that it is solid. The front is encased with Gorilla Glass and the back is layered with a slight grip, formatted in a stippled rubber. The whole tablet is 7.8×4.7×0.4 inches, weighing in at 12oz. You can easily hold it in a single hand for a long time without troubles.

The 7-inch IPS LCD screen supports 1280 x 800 resolution. While the resolution is greater than the Kindle Fire, there is a fat bezel encompassing the screen meant to give you a place to rest your thumbs without obscuring any part of the screen(while playing games). 

It can be seen outdoors, though it does reflect more that absorbing. We cannot expect it to perform like the more expensive AMOLED screens that come on the higher end tablets. The Galaxy Tab at $700 and the Toshiba Elite at $500 both have the more absorptive AMOLED glass.

The Wifi only connects to the 2.4GHz band, but is 802.11 b/g/n. However, it is a little weaker than expected. Bluetooth audio and NFC file transfer are both in the unit so Google Wallet can be used without any problems.

The real beauty of the Google Nexus 7 lies in the CPU. It is a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3. There are no complaints here at 1.3GHz in single mode and 1.2GHz at dual and quad core functionality. That makes it clock in faster than the Kindle Fire.

As far as gaming is concerned, the Nexus 7 really kicks butt! You will find most games show no lag and no glitches at all in the graphics. Tegra Zone games are quite fantastic, especially compared to what Kindle Fire offers.

We all thank Google for opting to put Chrome browser into the Nexus 7 rather than the standard Android slug. Android 4.1 also brings new code adaptations to generate smoother performance, nicknamed  Project Butter and does it ever! Screen transitions are so smooth you will not believe it and the touch keyboard has zero lag.

In spite of the new Project Butter there remain some unsolved problems. When it comes to stylus touch inputs the Nexus has a bit of a stall. While 4.1 does actually solve this issue, until the apps for drawing are upgraded to take advantage of it, there will be no practical difference. In fact, this is the thorn in the side of Android devices. There is a lack of programs that take advantage of the advances in hardware.

So wrap it up, Google Nexus 7 Tablet is an interesting device with a beautiful design, competitive features and at a price of $199 it could be accessible for a lot of people. Competitors like Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab 2 or Nook Tablet now have a real enemy.


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