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Get inside HTC new Windows Phone 7 devices

HTC Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phones

Microsoft announced officially Windows Phone 7 last week and we saw with this occasion some of their features. Now is time to discover first WP 7 devices and HTC is the first producer to come with five different models. Each one of this has special options and target different kind of users. The winning names are: HD7, 7 Trophy, 7 Surround, 7 Pro and 7 Mozart. Each one of this phone suite comes with a 1Ghz processor and at least 448 Mb of RAM, so expect nothing more than speed from Windows Phone 7 devices. Other similarities are: GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, 3.5 mm jack, miniUSB port and the sensors(G-Sensor, Digital compass, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor).

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Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 7 at NYC

Windows Phone 7 AnnouncementIt’s official now: Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 at NYC during a keynote where Steve Balmer, Ralph de la Vega(AT&T) and Joe Belfiore previewed some of the features of the new released operating system.

It was time for Microsoft to bring a faster and revamped software experience and after today keynote, Windows Phone 7 might be a winner. The design is unique, colorful and the start screen is based on live tiles. An interesting thing is that Microsoft allows Windows Phone 7 to adapt user settings and deliver a smart design for a delightful experience.

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Microsoft hosting a press event on October 11 at NYC

Windows Phone 7Great News: Microsoft will hold an event at NYC in about two weeks, on October 11. It is expected the release of Windows Phone 7 or at least more details about. There are a lot of phones that are Windows Phone 7 ready(Dell Lightning),  so this release is just a matter of weeks. What do we know till now about Windows Phone 7?

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Dell Lightning set to be perfect for Windows Phone 7

Dell LightningAfter they got a large amount from desktop consumers, Dell is making a successful step into smart phone market. There are 5 new mobile devices that they plan to launch in the near future and one of them is Lightning, a perfect Windows Phone 7 device.

The impressive mobile phone stars a brilliant 4.1-inches WVGA Samsung OLED and multi-touch display with 16M colors. Under the display, a sliding QWERTY keyboard will be there to give you full easy access to communicate with other devices(socials, text-messages).

At the back is a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus made to capture and share the special events of your life.

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Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 7 series phone at MWC 2010

Windows 7 Phone Start ScreenFirst day from WMC 2010 has passed and now it’s time to discover some of the concepts featured at Barcelona.

The most expected announcement of day and maybe the congress, is the one made by Microsoft who made a preview of how Windows Phone 7 series phone will look. The new OS has been presented by Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer itself and brings some quality updates.

In the left picture we see that the start screen is a collection of live updates coming from several sources such as phone, social networks, mail, pictures, xbox live games, zune music, internet explorer and so on. The start screen can be customized by user who can move or add different tiles.

Every phone that will have Windows 7 series, will come with 3 hardware buttons: Back, Start and Search. The search button(Bing) will reveal relevant web or local information based on your query.

Hubs bring together related content from the Web, applications and services into a single view to simplify common tasks. Windows Phone 7 Series includes six hubs built on specific themes reflecting activities that matter most to people: People, Pictures, Games, Music+Video, Marketplace, Office.

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