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Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 7 at NYC

Windows Phone 7 AnnouncementIt’s official now: Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 at NYC during a keynote where Steve Balmer, Ralph de la Vega(AT&T) and Joe Belfiore previewed some of the features of the new released operating system.

It was time for Microsoft to bring a faster and revamped software experience and after today keynote, Windows Phone 7 might be a winner. The design is unique, colorful and the start screen is based on live tiles. An interesting thing is that Microsoft allows Windows Phone 7 to adapt user settings and deliver a smart design for a delightful experience.

Regarding the design, Joe Belfiore said that it helps you:

Get in, get out and get back to the real life.

Live tiles brings you updates from the Internet including news, meetings, social (Facebook, Twitter) in real time. Youjust have to sign into all of your services when you first turn on the phone and after that Windows Phone 7 will automatically take avatars, pictures, status updates, music, videos and all the content that will find from your sites(Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc).

Windows Phone 7 StartScreen

There are big changes in this new software and Microsoft claims that this “delightful” experience will support third-party apps can integration(into Music and Video hubs): iHeartRadio, Pandora, Slacker, Youtube, etc. Along this there are Microsoft well known apps: Xbox Live, Office Mobile, Zune, Windows Live, Bing and much more.

As we already know Windows Phone 7 will have 6 hubs. Let’s see what every single hub means.

1) People Hub is like a live Contact list where you can “pan” between recent people, all people or what’s new(feed). Recent People are the ones that you communicated recently, All People contains a list with all of your friends (including Internet social networks) and What’s New is the place where you will find latest updates from your loved ones.

Windows Phone 7 People Hub

2) Pictures Hub contains some of the pictures you taken recently and the ones you posted on the Internet(through Facebook, Windows Live, etc). Also here is the What’s New feed where you will find what photos put your friends recently on the Internet.

Windows Phone 7 Pictures Hub

3) Office Hub is dedicated to Microsoft Office Suite mobile version. Here you will pan through One Note(to do list, Documents (where are your latest Word, Excel and Power Point documents saved from your phone) and SharePoint(you will find documents synced from SharePoing to your phone and you can pun the content for other users through SharePoint servers).Windows Phone 7 Office Hub4) Music and Videos hub gives you access to your audio and video files through a zune interface. You can pan between zune, history, new, marquee(third party apps). Because the phone is connected to Internet, you can search online for music and videos in Zune and access them after you paid the monthly subscribing fee.

Windows Phone 7 Music and Video Hub5) Marketplace hub is the place where you can download apps and games to your phone.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hub6) Games Hub incorporates Xbox Live and gives multi-player experience between players. Here you will see multi-player requests(if available), collection, spotlight(feed based on news and informations about Xbox Live) and Xbox Live sections.

Windows Phone 7 Games Hub

These are only some of the greatest achievements of Windows Phone 7, because Copy & Paste feature will be available for free through an update scheduled for 2011. We saw what this new operating system is capable of, in the next days we will see some new phones from Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung that will be released and feature Windows Phone 7 OS.

Windows Phone 7 will be available from November in US.



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