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Microsoft hosting a press event on October 11 at NYC

Windows Phone 7Great News: Microsoft will hold an event at NYC in about two weeks, on October 11. It is expected the release of Windows Phone 7 or at least more details about. There are a lot of phones that are Windows Phone 7 ready(Dell Lightning),  so this release is just a matter of weeks. What do we know till now about Windows Phone 7?

From the beginning it seams Windows Phone 7 will bring comfort and speed to every user by it’s revamped user interface. Scrolling through menus and hubs had never been so easier like is now, but still this is not the final(official) version. The Windows Phone 7 announcement was made at Barcelona this year in February, during MWC 2010. Microsoft promised we will be able to see Windows Phone 7 devices by the end of 2010. At that event we find out that Windows Phone 7 will have 6 hubs:

  • People hub features live updates(feeds) gathered from social networks.
  • Picture hub show photos synced from PC, taken with the camera device or a feed with latest photos made by your friend and available on social network.
  • Games hub gives you Xbox Live games,  scores, avatars.
  • Music and Video hub will work just like a Zune and will provide 3-party apps experiences. It plays the content from a user PC, online music and FM radio stations.
  • Marketplace hub delivers apps and games.
  • Office hub will give you access to Office, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace and help you to read, edit and share documents.

No more things to be added for, we will have to wait until October 11 to see if Microsoft will finally overtake iOS or Android with Windows Phone 7 OS.

Good luck!

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