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Apple’s new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle 2015 line released

  • 16/07/2015 at 23:05 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Apple iPod Line 2015Apple’s original iPod announced that the company was going somewhere when released. The iPod’s sales were massive, and introduced a lot of people to the potential of what Apple could do. It was an MP3 player, but it seemed to have more to it than other MP3 players. There’s many a range of devices released by Apple after that, and technology has grown quickly. The iPod Touch is getting an upgrade, after being left alone for the last three years.

The new iPod Touch takes in a lot of the technology of the iPhone 6. There is an Apple-designed A8 chip that’s 10 times faster than the previous model, it contains the M8 motion coprocessor to monitor health and fitness, an 8 megapixel iSight camera on the back and an upgraded FaceTime HD camera on the front of better quality video calls and selfies

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Rumour: iPod Touch With 3G

Apple iPod TouchIn the last few months, not much has been said about the iPod. Nonetheless, a recent report provides information that supports the fact that the next iPod touch will receive the wonderful upgrade of 3G-capability. The report was published on the Dutch blog AppleSpot.

The report basically states that the new iPod will be able to connect to 3G networks, and it will be just like the iPad in the sense that the customer will be able to choose the carrier.

Apple has been enhancing different features such as the iMessage, which is exactly like RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger. Users are able to chat with one another, making use of iMessage at no extra cost as long as they have the data for it.

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Hackers managed to Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta short time after the Release

Apple iOS 5It seems that these last few months have been hacker months. This time the victim is Apple – once again – with their latest iOS. Allegedly hackers were able to jailbreak the newest iOS version in less than 24 hours after it was released in beta mode.

Before discussing about this we have to say that iOS 5th version was announced at WWDC 2011(along iCloud) and has more then 1500 new APIs for developers and a total of 200 new features for its users. It was a necesary update and it seams that this time Apple made the right move and corrected some of the issues that users were experienced problems with. During the WWDC keynote, Apple featured 10 of the iOS features: Notification Center, Newsstand, Twitter, Safari, Reminders, Camera, Mail, PC Free, Game Center and iMessage.

The group that perpetrated the iOS 5 hack is known as iPhone Dev Team, and they made it known through their Twitter account that they had successfully jailbroken the brand new iOS 5. According to the group the OS is vulnerable to limera1n, which is the popular jailbreak technique that releases iOS 4, 4.1, and 4.1.2.

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Vocabology: An Educational iOS App

  • 17/05/2011 at 00:59 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Vocabology AppMany of us have probably tried to expand our vocabularies by reading a book or playing crosswords puzzles. Although the second option might be more fun than the first, chances are you’re give up halfway through the puzzle.

A new app for iOS 4.0 compatible devices can be the next best thing when it comes to helping you learn new words to enhance your current vocabulary. The app is called Vocabology and luckily it is free of cost. It has been well received among most users because it combines words that are pulled from the Merriam-Webster dictionary and also words from the Urban Dictionary.

One of the many cool things of this app is that it challenges the user to really learn the word by testing them with different quizzes and applying the new words in the social media world. This pushes the user to apply the new words in sentences, making it more of an everyday thing rather than a one-time challenge.

Vocabology also provides the user with new words in German, French, Portuguese, and Italian which can make it a lot more fun and interesting.

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