Vocabology: An Educational iOS App

Vocabology AppMany of us have probably tried to expand our vocabularies by reading a book or playing crosswords puzzles. Although the second option might be more fun than the first, chances are you’re give up halfway through the puzzle.

A new app for iOS 4.0 compatible devices can be the next best thing when it comes to helping you learn new words to enhance your current vocabulary. The app is called Vocabology and luckily it is free of cost. It has been well received among most users because it combines words that are pulled from the Merriam-Webster dictionary and also words from the Urban Dictionary.

One of the many cool things of this app is that it challenges the user to really learn the word by testing them with different quizzes and applying the new words in the social media world. This pushes the user to apply the new words in sentences, making it more of an everyday thing rather than a one-time challenge.

Vocabology also provides the user with new words in German, French, Portuguese, and Italian which can make it a lot more fun and interesting.

Vocabology Dictionary AppEvery new word that is displayed by the app shows the actual definition and also comes with a feature that lets you listen to its pronunciation. This is a tool that can come in handy in order to avoid any mispronunciations when trying to apply the newly learned word in public. You can also post your new sentence directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Most users have come to enjoy the quizzes because it really makes them try hard at learning the word. As the time goes by, the quizzes get a bit more difficult because there are more words where to choose from.

The app also allows you to build a list of your favorite words; this comes in handy in case you want to check on a specific word later on because it lets you do it very quickly.

The newest version is the 4.2 that was released on March 20, 2011 and even though it is free, the user must have an iTunes account in order to download it.


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