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Rumour: iPod Touch With 3G

Apple iPod TouchIn the last few months, not much has been said about the iPod. Nonetheless, a recent report provides information that supports the fact that the next iPod touch will receive the wonderful upgrade of 3G-capability. The report was published on the Dutch blog AppleSpot.

The report basically states that the new iPod will be able to connect to 3G networks, and it will be just like the iPad in the sense that the customer will be able to choose the carrier.

Apple has been enhancing different features such as the iMessage, which is exactly like RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger. Users are able to chat with one another, making use of iMessage at no extra cost as long as they have the data for it. Apple has also been working on other features such as the iCloud, with which the content and the settings can be backed up and properly synced; at the end, they are trying to completely get rid of any corded feature and pushing on wireless.

Now, in case that a wireless chipset was implemented on the iPod Touch, then the consumer might be left wondering what the difference is between an iPod and the iPhone. As of right now, the features that mainly differentiate them are the GPS, the camera and the display. Even though the camera is present on both devices, the quality on the iPhone is a lot better than on the iPod Touch. However, Apple has continued to release different apps that can run on both devices.

Despite the efforts of Apple to differentiate one product from the other, some people have started to label the iPod Touch as a cheaper version of the actual iPhone. This is mostly based on the improved features of the iPod, such as having more storage (128GB) and a home button.

According to Apple, the new wave of iPods is scheduled to be launched this coming September. The iPhone is also expected to be released around the same time. There have been rumors circling around about the iPod Nano and the comeback of the camera. This is in addition to the wonderful 3G connectivity, which, if confirmed, will bring the iPod to a whole new level.

The current iPod Touch comes with a built-in microphone and speakers, making it even more like a phone. This makes it a wonderful alternative for those who don’t want to be dealing with any of the major carriers. It’s not a full phone, but Apple seems to be making it more and more like one every time they make an upgrade.

For now, all that can be done is to wait until September for the iPod to be released.



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