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What lies behind Apple’s iCloud?

Apple iCloud

Apple has done things that no other company has been able to do. They created bestselling smartphone, and continue to lead the way with their innovative and young designs. That is the reason why the world waits anxiously for the official announcement of their iCloud, a colossal data center that is expected to take cloud computing to a whole new level.

Apple is anticipated to follow the steps of Google and Amazon, which both have already adventured in acquiring their own data centers. Google delivers e-mail and Android apps via the sky, while Amazon keeps its customer’s personal information stored the same way.

The reason why there is so much expectation in regards of iCloud, is because of the unending loyalty that Apple’s customers have shown towards their products.  Unlike Apple, Amazon and Google have both stranded away from the major music labels by beginning their own music streaming services.

And this is not only based on loyalty, but also on power. Apple has proven to possess unmatched power when it comes to the entertainment world. This is due to the fact that it is rather difficult to steal movies; Apple users are thought to be more technically knowledgeable than others.

The truth is that with iCloud, Apple will be able to conquer – as if it hasn’t already – more areas that you might be able to think of. When it comes to music, Apple has proven to be the leader with iTunes, iPods, iPhones, and of course Macbooks. Once iCloud has been announced and launched, there might be the possibility to sync all the music – through the cloud – that the user has spread over their different Apple gadgets.

Even though Apple users have proven to be more than loyal, Apple already announced that they will be allowing them to store their music in the iCloud. However, there will be a fee associate with this; the first year will be free, but the subsequent year will cost $25.00.

In regards to movies, Apple might be able to provide a better viewing experience. As you may know, in order to watch movies on Apple TV, you must have iTunes open and running. With iCloud, the constant syncing process might disappear in order to make things easier.

Users have also been wondering if the cloud will enable Apple to start their own sort of DropBox, which is currently available for all web developers. It is also considered the default system for iOS. Perhaps iCloud will come to change all things at hand.

If iCloud was compared to all the other devices and products that Apple has launched, one can only expect the best to come from the cloud.

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