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Apple iOS 5

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2011) saw Apple open up regarding iOS 5, the update to its mobile OS. Apple’s iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone all use iOS, so this is naturally a much anticipated improvement to version 4.

Although it isn’t due out until the Fall, Apple unveiled 10 out of the 200 improvements included in the new iOS 5 at the WWDC. They had to share the limelight during a two-hour keynote presentation last week, with iCloud and OS X 10.7, codenamed Lion.

Here are some of the best improvements in Apple’s next generation iOS.

Making Computers Redundant

Right now iOS 4 requires you to plug in your device to a computer that has iTunes before you can use it. Starting next Fall you won’t have to do anything more than input basic information before using your iOS device. For those that do have computers, the iOS devices may make users less dependent on their computers, perhaps abandoning them altogether.

Even though iTunes will no longer be necessary, it will still be useful for backing up your data. You never think you will need a backup until it is too late. Another ploy Apple is considering is a backup while the phone is recharging, followed by a synchronization of iTunes content. All of this magic will happen wirelessly, of course.

Notifications of Everything, All the Time

The new Notifications Center in iOS 5 puts at your fingertips, notifications of missed calls, text messages, app alerts, calendar alerts, and much more. It is always there, throughout the entire system. The notifications won’t interfere with your other tasks, though, like they do in the modal interface of iOS 4. In 5, notifications appear, even if the screen is locked, and are accessible with a stroke. Any missed or dismissed notifications, can be found in your Notifications Center. Everything is there, regardless of type of notification. The added bonus is that you will be able to customize notifications per app, which itself is a big step forward for iOS.

Twitter Addiction Recognized by Apple

As for you Twitter addicts, iOS 5 has it completely integrated into everything. So even if you are on the can doing number two, you will find the twitter tied in with the toilet paper. You won’t have to panic any longer about twitting every tiny aspect of your grand life. Enough ribbing about the app named after the word for idiot. Apple, though, feels your angst at not being able to access your favorite social networking platform exactly when you feel you need it most.

Lock Screen Ease

One long awaited change to the Lock Screen program is that you can access the camera without unlocking the screen. Double tap the Home and you get the volume control, but also the Camera icon. If the screen is password protected, you can still take shots, but you cannot browse photos, or anything else, without entering the password.

In conclusion, Apple has made a lot of good improvements between iOS 4 and iOS 5 so we highly recommend everybody to make this upgrade.

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