Apple’s new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle 2015 line released

Apple iPod Line 2015Apple’s original iPod announced that the company was going somewhere when released. The iPod’s sales were massive, and introduced a lot of people to the potential of what Apple could do. It was an MP3 player, but it seemed to have more to it than other MP3 players. There’s many a range of devices released by Apple after that, and technology has grown quickly. The iPod Touch is getting an upgrade, after being left alone for the last three years.

The new iPod Touch takes in a lot of the technology of the iPhone 6. There is an Apple-designed A8 chip that’s 10 times faster than the previous model, it contains the M8 motion coprocessor to monitor health and fitness, an 8 megapixel iSight camera on the back and an upgraded FaceTime HD camera on the front of better quality video calls and selfies

The device comes with Apple Music, a service that gives a 3-month free trial period before a $9.99 a month subscription fee is charged (A Family account is $14.99 for up to six others.). The App Store is available on the iPod Touch, and the device will have access to the whole range of current apps. The Wi-Fi connection has been made three times faster for a better internet experience using the AC standard. The device comes in space grey, silver, gold, pink, red and blue. The iPod has cinematic video stabilization, which is designed to stabilize the movie when moving.

“iPod touch gives customers around the world access to Apple Music, the App Store and iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, starting at just $199,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of iPhone, iPod and iOS Product Marketing. “With big advancements like the A8 chip and the 8 megapixel iSight camera, customers can experience next-level gameplay, take even more beautiful photos and enjoy their favorite music, TV shows and movies.”

The iPod was once a consumer favorite, but fell by the wayside as newer devices like the iPhone and other smartphones were introduced. There’s a hole in the market for lower end Apple devices, but Apple isn’t known for making cheap products. The iPod Touch is for people who can’t afford an iPhone, or just don’t want one but still want an iOS device or mobile access to Apple Music. A user can’t put a SIM card in the device, but with FaceTime and the multitude of calling and messaging apps, all that’s required is a Wi-Fi connection to use the iPod Touch as a phone.

The prices for the iPod Touch are $199 for 16GB, $249 for 32GB, $299 for 64GB, and a new 128GB iPod Touch will also be released. With just about all the functions of an iPhone 6, the iPod Touch is good value. The iPod would be good as a dedicated music device with a couple of needed apps installed, or as an iOS device at a lower price. New models of the iPod Nano and Shuffle have been released, essentially the same as the previous devices except in the new colors. The devices are now available on from Apple’s online and retail stores.

Source: Apple

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