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Facebook faces legal troubles in the US and UK

Facebook is facing legal troubles following the breaking story of Cambridge Analytica using personal data to create what could almost be called a “social experiment” in thought influence and control. Facebook is claiming the company has done nothing wrong and it is not responsible for any the trouble caused by […]


Loomo: Combining a smart robot with a mini transporter

What happens when you combine a Segway with a robot? You get the Loomo, now available on Indiegogo. On the device is AI, a camera, an interactive personality and runs on Android. Loomo Components The components of the Loomo include Segway Mini Plus’ magnesium alloy base, multi-sensor perception with Intel […]


NYT report shows that Google diversity is still an issue

In the tech community, there has been much talk about diversity in the workplace. A survey looking at Google diversity employment stated the company has majority male employees, either white or Asian. Within Google, there have been efforts to enhance the diversity from some corners and efforts to stop the hiring […]