Fidelium aims to become the first cryptocurrency cross exchange trading platform

Fidelium ICOFidelium is launching a range of cryptocurrency products with the design to help bring the new payment method to more people, making it easier to perform transactions. The company looks to combine payment facilities with an exchange platform to simplify the cryptocurrency market. On offer is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and a debit card payment system.

What problem is Fidelium solving?

With cryptocurrency, Fidelium found that a problem is the price difference caused by a lack of liquidity. With sorting out the issue of a lack of cash for users, the company has what is known as the Fortress Trading System. Using this system, users can use multiple exchanges, avoiding the need to sign in and out of different exchanges.

Whatever cryptocurrency you use, if an exchange has the support of Fidelium then you can use the cryptocurrency. This service is available through a mobile app or the website, so you can perform transactions efficiently where ever you are.

The Fortress

Fortress has a cryptocurrency price tracker, buy and sell market panel, cryptocurrency and exchange section, smart arbitrage matching system, click order system, access to multiple coins, fiat currency support and local servers around the globe.

With these tools working together, users will be able to keep track in real time and make decisions on their investments with useful information. Using the app to take advantage of these features means you can fix up or alter your cryptocurrency finances anywhere you happen to be in the world.

Fidelium FortressThe Fortress service has detailed charts that tell you everything you need to know about the rise and fall of value or trends in the market. An alert system that makes you aware of any sudden changes or essential information. Technical indicators to broaden the availability of information the display is fully customizable, so you can have the app/website perfect for your needs.

Integration and how it works

The Fidelium App and Debit card allows you to use a multi-currency cryptocurrency coin wallet integrated with the debit card network, provides liquidity and guarantees transaction and is fully integrated with Fidelium’s cryptocurrency OTS and website/app.Fidelium AppAccording to an example in Fidelium’s white paper, the transaction process of the debit card works like this:

It’s Monday morning, and he needs a cup of coffee to start off his week. So, on his way to work, he decides to stop by a Starbucks and get a cup of coffee. John has a total of $160, which is more than enough for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but Starbucks doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. At least not yet.

Based on the coin-fiat balance in your account on our multi-wallet app, Fidelium Card will provide the funds for you to spend your cryptocurrencies in stores that only accepts fiat currencies. Let’s say, a cup of iced coffee at Starbucks is $5.

That means Starbucks needs to receive $5 before giving John a cup of coffee. John only has his Fidelium debit card and his cell phone on him at the moment. So he wants to pay for his coffee using Ethereum via our app with debit card. So, he opens the Fidelium app, selects Ethereum as a payment option, and swipes his Fidelium Debit Card. Starbucks will receive $5 from our company’s bank account via our debit card network. At this point, his ethereum balance goes down by $5, which, in this case, would be 0.1 ether.

Other information

Users of Fidelium will be able to take part in other financial products like stocks, futures, options and FX margins trading. These services use a click to order system that allows trades using cryptocurrency. Click to order services broaden the scope of what can be done using cryptocurrency, making it more attractive to a new section of people, investors, and traders.

Other uses of Fidelium include charities who will benefit from a partnership with the company. With an eye towards being socially aware, the company will help charities to raise money and use cryptocurrency to their advantage.

Crowdfunding and start-ups took into consideration, with cryptocurrency being a way to raise funds. Being able to watch the cryptocurrency market and invest in it, to be able to invest in other areas can change their ability to raise money. Regular raffles and lotteries will happen through Fidelium, with the company wanting to add some fun and games to the system.

Fidelium’s ICO ends on the 12th March 2018. Users who join now will get a 30% bonus on their investment with the curent price of 1 FID = USD $0.40. Fidelium token is called “FID” and is a Ethereum’s ERC20 token. With soft cap target being reached, Fidelium hard cap ICO target is set to 150,000,000 FID.

What the company adds to the cryptocurrency market is a simplified way to make transactions, give and receive funds without having to sign into to this and that service. Not having to worry about not having the correct currency for a sale, like purchasing coffee, makes cryptocurrency something that can be used for daily tasks. Just a simple tap of a debit card and the purchase is made.

Source: Fidelium

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