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Russian employers use supercomputer to mine Bitcoin

In the latest Bitcoin news, employees at the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre in Sarov have been caught using the work computers for Bitcoin mining activities. Utilising one of the world’s most powerful computers, the employees exploited a one petaflop supercomputer for cryptocurrency mining.

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Bitfinex and Tether worries crypto investors

Some people in the Bitcoin community are worried that the price is being artificially propped up by speculators on the Bifinex exchange. It is not just Bitcoin that has invested concerned, but also other digital tokens. Bitfinex has a history of hidden business practices and hacks, so the exchange has […]

Michelle Yvonne Simmons

Quantum Physicist Wins Australian of the Year

A quantum physicist, Michelle Simmons, has been awarded the Australian of the Year award. Professor Simmons is researching quantum computing with the aim to start a quantum computing industry. Many people know that Silicon Valley is where a lot of technological evolution happens, but it might surprise many to see […]

Canon Concept CES 2018
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CES 2018 Day 4: Canon, Google, Ford

Day 4 of CES is upon us, and the exciting gadgets and ideas keep coming. Canon has a concept camera that utilizes artificial intelligence on show, Google has arrived at CES to push its Google Assistant, Ford and Ojo Electrics collaborated to create a smart electric scooter, a robot from […]