Did you ever wanted a dedicated Selfie Drone? Meed Pitta Selfie Drone

Pitta Drone SelfieThere are many drones on the market, but there are not that many that are as small or light as the PITTA. The PITTA is a transformative autonomous drone that can follow a target around recording video and take pictures in 4K resolution.

What is the PITTA drone?

PITTA is a tiny drone, coming in with a weight of 200g and with a diagonal distance of 170mm for the body. Due to the size, you can fly the drone without a licence. The drone is made up of a camera, drone module and action cam mode. The body comes in polycarbonate, the propeller is glass fiber, and the base is a rubber material. The camera is 13MP and an optical flow ultrasonic sensor. The optical flow ultrasonic sensor detects the ground as magnets align and position the camera. Magnets also help the camera to tilt up and down with the camera protruding out.

Design and app

The design of PITTA is sleek and portable with the gadget able to take off from the palm of your hand. The wings are foldable making the device easy to carry around in your bag and to make sure the wings stay safe when stored. A 3-pole-hole allows you to mount the gadget on a standard action cam mount.

PITTA’s app has a range of options that are easy for new users to learn. The icons are intuitive, and the functions you will regularly use are there on the main screen. With one touch you can take off, land, tell the camera to come back to you, ask the drone to auto-follow someone, shoot a 360 panoramic shot or go in a circle. The controls are in the middle, allowing you to throttle up and down, yaw left and right, pitch up and down and roll left or right. There are one 1-click flying modes so you can pick it up and start right away.

Battery life and details

The drone lasts 15 minutes in flight, sending a notification to your phone with updates on battery life. A power monitor recognizes how much battery life is left on your smartphone, turning off the device if there is not enough to continue using PITTA.

PITTA is selling fast on Kickstarter. A basic kit comes with a body, cradle, adapter and gift box for $298. The full package is $309 and includes the basic kit and propeller guard. A PITTA with 32GB memory, propeller guard, and extra battery is $339, 64GB is $330, and there are many more options on the Kickstarter page.

Source: Kickstarter

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