How Cloudflare DNS should make the Internet more secure

CloudFlareCloudflare is looking to make the internet safer and with more privacy using DNS. The idea that Cloudflare is introducing is the DNS service The basic premise is simple, to create a DNS that does not allow ISP or someone who is hacking into your network to see what websites you are visiting. For many people, especially those in dangerous nations, this is a big plus to keeping themselves and their families safe.

What us

The idea behind using was to keep the service simple and easy to use. Anyone can share the DNS with anyone, and it is simple to remember. Load times will not be as long as this service when in comparison to the regular DNS service.

Security and privacy

In countries like the US and Europe, can stop websites and advertisers from tracking your movements online. Following the data breaches at Equifax and Facebook, being able to keep your data and information security is an issue that needs a solution. Being able to take back control of your privacy will be a good thing for many users of the internet who are untrusting of websites and advertisers. The next data hack is not an if, it is more of a when.

For those in authoritarian regimes, a lack of privacy can mean the difference between life and death. The regular DNS system could end up with the government tracking you, blocking internet access from your DNS or using your browsing history against you or your family. By using the service, people can go online, visit whatever sites they do and have close to complete privacy.

More information

According to the Cloudflare’s blog, “What’s needed is a move to a new, modern protocol. There are a couple of different approaches. One is DNS-over-TLS. That takes the existing DNS protocol and adds transport layer encryption. Another is DNS-over-HTTPS. It includes security but also all the modern enhancements like supporting other transport layers (e.g., QUIC) and new technologies like server HTTP/2 Server Push. Both DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS are open standards. Moreover, at launch, we have ensured supports both.”

This idea follows on from Cloudflare’s work on Project Galileo. This project aims to create a way to stop cyber attacks against people in dangerous areas of the world. Peace activists, journalists, and different organizations use the service to protect themselves from attack. The missing piece of the puzzle was the ability to stop a DNS from being blocked. Now with, there is a solution to that problem.

Source: Cloudflare

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