Loomo: Combining a smart robot with a mini transporter

LoomoWhat happens when you combine a Segway with a robot? You get the Loomo, now available on Indiegogo. On the device is AI, a camera, an interactive personality and runs on Android.

Loomo Components

The components of the Loomo include Segway Mini Plus’ magnesium alloy base, multi-sensor perception with Intel RealSense, self-stabilizing 3-axis gimbal, visual perception and understanding, robust motion control system, intelligent planning and obstacle avoidance.

Using the Segway Mini Plus magnesium alloy base gives the Loomo a strong motor and high-volume battery. The speed that the device reaches is 11 mph up to 22 miles. Intel’s RealSense comes from a ZR300 camera that tracks motion and senses the depth, uses robot mapping and obstacle avoidance with 3D perception to know where to go and what to avoid. Streaming capabilities come from a 1080p HD-camera that has 30Hz streaming. Field of vision visual perception is at 104 degrees, and the camera can capture videos and photos. There are five microphones that hear voices or noise and is voice command capable. Obstacle detection is also done through two infrared sensors and one ultrasonic sensor, with other touch sensors involved for interaction and control.

The Specs and app

With specs, the size of the Loomo is 25.59-inches in height, 12.20-inches in length and 22.44-inches in width. The weight is 19kgs/42lbs with a typical range of 22 miles. For the screen, it is a 4.3-inch display with 480 x 800 pixels. Sensors on the device in ultrasonic, infrared distance, touch, encoders and IMUs. Powering the gadget is an Intel Atom Z9750 with four cores, 2.56GHz with x86-64 architecture. There is 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. The operating system is a customized version of Android 5.1. For speed, the device can travel 4.3 mph in robot mode and 11 mph in self-balancing vehicle mode. The device can go on paved roads, sidewalks, packed dirt, slopes of up to 15 degrees, around less than 0.4-inch obstacles and 1.2-inch gaps. Battery-wise, the device comes with a 328Wh capacity and is waterproof with a rating of IPX4.

There are Android and iPhone apps to help you control the Loomo and the camera. Through the app, you can set the speed, control the motion, talk visa Loomo, greet a person, follow someone, record a moment, control the head, reset the head position and visit your photo album.

Currently, on Indiegogo, there is an early bird special on with the Loomo going for $1399.

Source: Indiegogo


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