iPad 2 horrible speaker sound is now fixed with SoundJaw

Apple iPad 2 SpeakerWhen the iPad 2 came out, most people were sort of amazed at the poor quality of the speaker, especially because the first iPad had a much better speaker than this one. The sound coming out from the speakers of the second iPad has a lower volume and it basically sends the sound away from the user instead of towards the user.

Not only does the design lack any internal positive features, it also looks unattractive to the costumer eye. In addition, it can be so easily covered up when in use, making the experience even worse.

Now, after all these negative aspects, the good news just rolled in. Matthew McLachlan took the time to actually invest a small accessory baptized as SoundJaw. This small device is sort of a plastic spoon that has to be clipped on the right corner at the bottom of the iPad.

Since the SoundJaw works like a spoon, it actually picks up the sound coming out of the poorly-designed speakers. It then exerts the sound through a slot-opening. Even though the slot is small, it truly makes a difference in the sound experience.

SoundJaw LLC identifies itself as a group of tech fanatics that strive to find ways in order to make product use a lot simpler. Not only are they looking to make things simpler, but also better. Just like what they have done with the iPad 2, they are looking to find feasible solutions for tech problems. In addition to this, they assure the highest quality in their products, which are all made in the United States.

With SoundJaw, the iPad 2 will now be able to reach its highest potential. The iPad has the capability of sounding iPad SoundJaw Plastic Scooplouder; the problem is with the design that doesn’t allow the sound to be pushed out properly. When clipping the SoundJaw on, it simply works as an amplifier making the sound a lot louder. You can compare it to a horn speaker for example; the sound is amplified and also bent.

Some customers have decided to go beyond the SoundJaw and purchasing external speakers for better sound experience. In general, an external sound speaker might be better if you want to play loud music. On the other hand, the SoundJaw works perfect for any type of media playing such as movies and games. With this device clipped on, it will be a lot easier to make out what the characters in a movie are saying.

Once you clip on the SoundJaw, there is truly no reason to remove it ever again. You can try it with your iPad case and most likely it will fit with no problems.

Currently, the SoundJaw is available in two colors: black and white and the price is very accessible at $20.





  1. Cool, nice trick!

  2. Wilfred

    Cool and easy solution. Does not work with my iPad cover though, so I just stick a business card in the cover and let the sound bounce off of that. Amazing the difference in quality and volume and what an oversight/shortcoming from Apple.

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