HP TouchPad not so great as the iPad, but still has Potential

HP TouchPadEven though there were millions anticipating the release of the HP TouchPad, many didn’t expect it to be not great. The first webOS tablet is just not cutting it, worse if compared to the iPad, which has been successful since its release.

Starting with the bad reviews that the TouchPad has already generated, we will start by mentioning that this device is heavy and falls behind when running different apps. And by mentioning apps, we ought to say that there aren’t too many where to choose from. The truth is though, the TouchPad when compared to other tablets in the market, it doesn’t make much difference. The specifications and details on most of them are rather similar.

The battery doesn’t last as long as the iPad either. In general, the iPad might juice up about 10 hours from its standard battery. In comparison, the TouchPad is able to do only 6 hours.

For those who aren’t aware of the specs, the TouchPad comes with 1 GB of RAM and the display measures 9.7 inches, and the outer shell is made of plastic. As you may be able to see, these specs are quite similar to those of other available tablets. Nonetheless, when it comes to the weight, the TouchPad fails entirely. You’ll feel the consequences of carrying it after a while of riding the train to work, as your arms start to feel sore. This doesn’t make it the most interesting gadget when compared to Xoom, which weighs just a bit over one a half pounds.

When it comes to its webcam, you’ll find that HP failed to include a rear camera. In addition, its regular webcam only works if you have the Skype integration tool installed. This means that the user won’t be able to use the webcam unless they access Skype.

One thing that will come in handy, though, is the TouchPad’s ability to work well with other HP products. This means that it can be connected to the Veer smartphone for example, and receive all texts and calls on the TouchPad. This connectivity is available by using Bluetooth. Also, you can make use of the feature known as “Touch to Share”, with which you can transfer a web page from the TouchPad to the HP phone by a simple wave.

Unfortunately, the Touch to Share feature seems a bit difficult to accomplish. It might take you a few waves until you’re capable of sending the page to your phone.

Despite the negative reviews, the TouchPad delivers great audio and excellent display quality which are at the same level as the iPad. However, the BlackBerry PlayBook seems to have a better audio quality because the speakers are better placed.

Nevertheless, the TouchPad comes with a Facebook app that is quite optimized for tablets, making a lot easier for the user to access Facebook. The TouchPad seems to be quite promising, if only HP decided to tweak a few of the problems presented so far.


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