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Despite Hacker Alerts, Sony Unveiled PlayStation Vita at E3 2011

Sony PlayStation VitaThis week, during E3 2011, Sony unveiled their latest product called PlayStation Vita. They had already announced it in Japan at the beginning of this year(project called NGP), but now it was the time for North America. The new gadget features a multitouch screen that measures 5 inches, two joysticks, touchpads in the front and rear, as well as cameras.

For those who speak Italian might know that the name Vita means life. Sony stated that they have high hopes that this latest gadget will lead the player to almost doubt between what is real and what is not. It will come with WiFi and there are going to be two models available. The first one will cost $249 while the other will cost $299 since it will also include 3G.

The first title that has already been announced is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Vita makes use of the latest technology that includes water shaders and lively lighting. And even though this is not a large gadget, it produces smooth graphics. The fact that it comes with a touch screen will enable players to be able to actually move their characters in the game. They will be able to tap the screen as well as use the joysticks.

A very interesting fact is that Sony partnered with AT&T in order to carry the model that comes with 3G in the US. An added application that the gadget brings is the fact that gamers will be enabled to play with other nearby Vita players, hence the name of the applications is Near.

When Sony had first revealed the product in Japan, they had shared that the Vita would come with an ARM Cortex A9 and a SGX543MP4+GPU. To this a system that senses motion is also added.

Sony PlayStation Vita BackSony has been attempting to match their biggest competitor and in this case the PSP has been battling for years against the Nintendo DS. Their last product, the PSP Go, had no success at convincing consumers to change from Nintendo. It might still be tough for Sony and PlayStation since the Nintendo 3DS enables gamers to enjoy a 3D experience with no need to 3D glasses.

They also made it clear that they were terribly sorry for the past incident where hackers broke into their system and got a hold of personal information of millions of users. As a matter of fact, Sony is currently under alert of attach by a hacker group known as LulzSec.

At the announcement, Sony supplied attendees with 3D glasses and gave a hint stating that this year they will be making a difference when it comes to 3D capabilities and the price of the devices. They also stated that a special bundling offer will be made available for buyers. It will include the 3D glasses, 3D TV, 3D game, HDMI cable and it will all be offered for only $499.00.



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