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Hackers pledge more attacks upon Sony

Sony HackedA group of hackers, known as LulzSec, is now planning to attack the electronics giant Sony. The same group took responsibility on the attacks made to PBS just recently.

The group started by hacking Sony’s Twitter account and posting messages that reveal they are planning to attack them directly. They have named the hacking operation as Sownage, which according to them is short for Sony Ownage. They threatened Sony stating that the first attack was only the beginning of the end of them, and that the real attack had already begun without the company’s knowledge.

Messages such as this: “Hey @Sony, you know we’re making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven’t even noticed? Slow and steady, guys.” – were tweeted by the group hacking Sony’s Twitter account.

Unfortunately Sony seems to have been the target for recent hacker attacks. Just two months ago a group of hackers was able to break into the PlayStation Network. The company was pushed to bring the network offline in order to attempt to remedy the problem. The hackers were able to get their hands on the personal information of more than 100 million users. The only good side of this is that financial information such as credit cards, seemed to be encrypted, and as of today there haven’t been any reports of identity theft.

It took Sony almost a month to be able to bring the network back up. A possible clue was found on the server; a folder that was labeled as “Anonymous” was left behind. This was associated with the actual hacker group that goes by the same name. Nevertheless, the group denied having anything to do with the attacks against Sony. They did make clear that it is possible that some of their members might have participated individually in the attack.

Just recently, even though LulzSec has not perpretrated any threats against PlayStation, they did send out another message using Twitter. It read like this: “You Sony morons realize we’ve never attacked any of your precious gaming, right?”

This message was contrasted to the group’s behavior when they performed the attack on PBS. When they posted a fake story through PBS stating that Tupac was still alive, they lost no time at publishing their evil doings on their own Twitter account. According to some, they were able to steal information of PBS employees.

The hackers attacked PBS after the airing of Frontline, which covered information about WikiSecrets and WikiLeaks, referring to them with hostile comments.

Even though LulzSec has not officially announced what the attack will consist of, they have not stopped making it clear that the operation is underway. Few days ago, they tweeted the following message: “Keep on crying, Sony fanboys. Your tears create the sea and your whining creates the wind that we so gracefully use to traverse onward.”
The Sony Pictures Russian website was hacked also few hours ago by LulzSec. The proof is in their twitt and PasteBin: “In Soviet Russia, SQL injects you “.


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