Windows Phone 8 Articles

Windows Phone 8 gets its third update

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Update 3Darren Laybourn, the manager for the engineering team working on the Windows Phone operating system, posted an announcement this morning on the Microsoft website. The third update of Windows Phone 8 is coming, set for both upgrading current phones, and powering new ones.

Of all of the features to the OS upgrade, the  most intriguing is probably the compatibility with larger screens. It shows that their new releases will be between 5″ and 6″, officially marking phablets as the latest target from the company. This will change the overall look of the Start screen, with six tiles instead of the usual four. Though the general layout will be the same.

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The tech world is not yet prepared for a Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface PhoneIt’s probably no secret by now that Microsoft has been trying its best to keep down the rumors and Internet chat about their Surface Phone. Whether it actually exists or not is probably lowest on the totem pole now, considering the fact that most techies and bloggers alike believe that the Microsoft Surface phone will definitely debut. It’s just a matter of when and what it will actually look like.

On October 25th the Microsoft Surface tablet will officially launch. It appears to be part of a holiday program that Microsoft is working on to generate more interest in both their phone market and general hardware market all around. There’s word of a $99 Xbox 360 deal that requires a 2 year Xbox live subscription, as well as the new Windows 8 tablets and phones that are set to be launching soon as well.

In theory, if these deals go well, Microsoft will establish themselves as a serious competitor in both the tablet and phone market. If the Surface Tablet is a success, the Surface phone is the next logical step, right?

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What to expect from HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S

HTC Windows Phone 8XWindows phones have always had a pretty bad rap for being slow and clunky. Although the outer shell may be nice to look at and hold, the Windows phone based operating systems just never seem to cut through the clutter to make it into mainstream markets like Apple’s iOS and Android did.

Windows is back to try things again with their new line of Windows 8 phones, specifically the HTC 8X and HTC 8S. Windows partnered with HTC to brand their phones as “HTC Windows Phone 8” so that the “Windows” name was right in the name of the product this time around to hopefully reposition themselves as a powerhouse in the phone market. If in the past Nokia had the real Windows Phone touch, now it’s te time for HTC to get that unique feeling.

Let’s take a look at what Windows is offering this time around and how the market looks for them.

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The next Nokia Lumia phones could feature wireless charging technology

Nokia Lumia 820 920The Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 models are both on the way to the market soon and will be the first Windows 8 mobile devices that are launching. While they will probably be officially announced on September 5th 2012 (this coming Wednesday) when Nokia and Microsoft have a huge press get together in New York – they are still technically a rumor.

As the official announcements haven’t come through for the phones yet details are still a bit sparse though there have been 3 official pieces of information that came out about the phones today for anyone who has been looking to know more. The first of the three will even shine a light on some of the technical specs of the two devices though not all of the details are yet available. The launch date is also just a rumor until the official release but we expect to see the official release date in late October or early November.

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Microsoft wants to revive apps with Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 StartScreenMicrosoft promised a unified software developing experience and they stand on the verge to deliver, with the Windows Phone 8. They said they were unifying the platforms of phone, tablet, and PC, and it looks as if our dreams might come true, according to some at Microsoft. If they pull this off, they will be the first.

The concept has both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 running off a shared kernel, simplifying development across platforms. In essence, the developer will write one program and publish it for many platforms. They merely need tweak the upper layer of presentation. As they have promised so many times before, MSIE is supposed to render the same regardless of platform. Seeing is believing.

Microsoft is making bold claims to have more than doubled its apps available for Windows Phone 8 in just a month. According to the Redmond corporation they number 100,000 now. That would be quicker than Android had reached the same number. However, it will take awhile for it to match Android’s diversity, hence the drive to woo developers. If this fails, then what happens to Windows Phone 8 is anybody’s guess.

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