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The next Nokia Lumia phones could feature wireless charging technology

Nokia Lumia 820 920The Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 models are both on the way to the market soon and will be the first Windows 8 mobile devices that are launching. While they will probably be officially announced on September 5th 2012 (this coming Wednesday) when Nokia and Microsoft have a huge press get together in New York – they are still technically a rumor.

As the official announcements haven’t come through for the phones yet details are still a bit sparse though there have been 3 official pieces of information that came out about the phones today for anyone who has been looking to know more. The first of the three will even shine a light on some of the technical specs of the two devices though not all of the details are yet available. The launch date is also just a rumor until the official release but we expect to see the official release date in late October or early November.


While we don’t have as much information on the 820 models of the phone as we do the 920s we do have a bit of information to share with you. The 820s are the smaller display sizes and clock in at 4.2-inch displays instead of the 4.5 available in the 920s. It runs on a 1.5 GHz duel-core process with 1 GB of ram. Its main shortage aside from display size though is that it only comes with 8GB of storage on the low end model. While a higher model will most likely be available we won’t know the sizes until the official release. Also no information on the camera for this one has been leaked to date.

The 920 phones will be powered by a 1.5fhz duel-core processor on 1 GB of ram. They will have 32 GB of storage. Its display will be a 4.5-inch HD display though no word on the type of display or resolution that will be available. The camera on these devices will be an 8 megapixel PureView for taking pictures and film and a front facing 1.3 megapixel for video chat.

Nokia Lumia Wireless ChargingWireless Charging

The phone itself will be able to get power through inductive charging using the Qi wireless power standard. While it isn’t mainstream yet inductive charging is being touted as the future of charging wireless devices as it will allow you to charge a product just by laying it on the charger with future versions just being near the charger. One thing that does stand out though from this is it sounds like it is technology that isn’t built into the phone itself but into the covers of the phone.


Aside from the wireless charging pads there are two accessories that have been announced. The first of which is that there will be multiple cover styles that you can choose from. As you have to change covers to have Wireless Charging even work it should be no surprise that multiple cover options will be available to customize the phone to your liking. While the official colors still haven’t been announced the leaked early images seem to show that the options will be: red, yellow, white, black, gray, blue, and purple. Second to the covers will also be a Bluetooth headset.

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