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Windows Phone 8 gets its third update

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Update 3Darren Laybourn, the manager for the engineering team working on the Windows Phone operating system, posted an announcement this morning on the Microsoft website. The third update of Windows Phone 8 is coming, set for both upgrading current phones, and powering new ones.

Of all of the features to the OS upgrade, the  most intriguing is probably the compatibility with larger screens. It shows that their new releases will be between 5″ and 6″, officially marking phablets as the latest target from the company. This will change the overall look of the Start screen, with six tiles instead of the usual four. Though the general layout will be the same.

App Updates and Inclusion

Most of the other updates that will be included are minor feature changes, or new app introductions. For example, they have improved their accessibility features for those with hearing or sight impairment. Notifications can be turned up to be louder, or text made bigger. Users will also be able to give better voice commands making calls, text messages or app/browser use.

They are introducing a new app for driving that will be standard. It will connect through Bluetooth and limit notifications while on the road. So the user won’t be distracted by text messages, calls or social media alerts while behind the wheel.  This can be customized to fit the driver’s needs, and should replace the third party apps that do the same thing.

Hot Spot

The Windows Phone 8 feature that a lot of people like is using it as a hot spot. But Microsoft wanted to further improve this process and streamline it to be easier. Internet sharing will be automatically on, and you just sync up the device with Bluetooth. Then you can tap the network any time you want to connect and share, making it a one step service.

Removing the password was a good move.


It isn’t a massive update. But they have improved some things, and that is better than nothing. Developers will be able to take part in their preview program. Which is good, since Microsoft is obviously preparing more for new phones that meet the demands for bigger screens.

While they didn’t do much for upgrading the old versions, a couple of the apps look pretty cool. The emphasis on driving safety is much needed, as I can attest by the number of idiots who sit at stop light gaping at their screens.

Source: Windows Blog

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