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Apple and Google rule the Smartphone Market, while others are Crying

Android and AppleThe smartphone industry in America was overtaken by Apple iOS and Google Android. Yet, many of the formative companies had to rethink and rebuild their strategies. Microsoft and RIM were among them.

As far as shares of the U.S. market are concerned, Android maintained 53% in 2011. Apple’s share ballooned to 29%. The BlackBerry OS share slipped to 11%, while Microsoft could not get its game on, remaining around 2% with the Windows Phone.

Google and Apple have taken control of the game, coercing other players to completely reinvent themselves in this area. Ross Rubin, executive director of Connected Intelligence for the NDP Group, believes that 2012 will be the year which reveals the fruit of these companies’ labors. Against the domination of the U.S. Market by both Apple and Google, many other manufacturers are strategizing to regain lost ground in market shares.

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Nokia Lumia Smartphones and the race to stay Relevant

Nokia Lumia 800Nokia has finally come up strong, but it still has many catch up to do. The Finnish mobile manufacturer made a strong statement October 26 by unveiling two spanky-new Smartphones. One of the mobile devices is for customers transiting from featured phones to Smartphones (especially in the developing world) and the other is a high-end phone for folks who are willing to spend that money with wild abandon.

Both Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 run on Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’.  Little wonder Microsoft wants Nokia to succeed. To put short, the phones are design to give the iPhone 4s and galaxy SII a good fight.

Peering through what makes the two Nokia Smartphones rock are some familiar specs similar to what Apple and Samsung have to offer.

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License Agreement: Apple settles with Nokia on Patent Dispute

Nokia settles with AppleThe battle between Apple and Nokia has finally come to an end after 20 months of dispute. The battle was in regards to the lawsuit that Nokia filed against Apple in 2009, stating that they were crossing the patent border.

The Finnish giant alleged that all iPhones violated 10 of their Espoo patents that were associated with Wi-Fi, GSM, and UMTS. Nokia continued to state that countless of other companies had paid for a license in order to make use of the technology, yet Apple was the only one to disagree on the terms. Finally, this has been settled and it has been decided that Apple must make one single payment upfront but also continuing allowances to the Espoo-based giant.

The detailed stipulations of the agreement are not to be disclosed. In addition, the resolution also includes that both parties will proceed to remove their complaints from the United States ITC (International Trade Commission). Nokia continued to announce that they were very satisfied with the conclusion of the 20-month litigation, and that they were more than happy to finally have Apple onboard as one of their licensees.

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango Update will be out this Fall

Windows Phone Mango FeaturesIn another attempt by Microsoft to keep up with Apple’s iPhone they have announced and showed off the new Windows Phone 7 software upgrade that has been christened with the name of Mango(and is the 7.1 version). It won’t be for sale until this coming fall, but the new features have already been revealed.

Microsoft has stated that their mission and ultimate goal has been to provide users with a phone that is really smarter and simpler to use. Even though the new phone will comes with 500 fresh features it still remains easy to use. They have integrated the multitasking feature which now allows to run two applications at a time which is something that couldn’t be done before.

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Nokia and Microsoft become partners for a better Phone

Microsoft and NokiaThis week big announcement was made just few days before MWC 2011 starts and it holds in one hand two of the technology giants: Microsoft in one hand and Nokia on the other hand.

A lot of people know that Nokia was throw away by the mobile consumers short time other major companies started to release smartphones capable of doing almost unlimited things. Now or never was the time for Nokia to say goodbye for the old Symbian and retake their consumers by adopting another operating system: Windows Phone 7.

The partnership was confirmed by both Nokia and Microsoft during a press event which took place at London and where Stephen Elop and Steve Balmer explained how this deal will build a new global mobile ecosystem.

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Samsung Focus is coming soon at AT&T

Samsung FocusFor the last one week, there’s been quite a handful of awesome Windows phone 7 devices brewing up some storm, and guess what, Samsung too decided to plunge in with its device, called the “Focus”.

Previously rumored as the Samsung i917 Cetus, this phone from Samsung AT&T runs the latest version of Windows phone [WP] 7 and is expected to hit the shores this November 2010. The focus is powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, with 512MB RAM/ROM ensuring enough horse power for your multitasking needs. Featuring a 4-inches Super AMOLED screen, this WP promises lower power consumption and a brighter screen, resulting in much comfortable reading under direct sunlight. The screen used on the device is a capacitive multi-touch and has a great viewing resolution of 400×800 pixels with 16M color grade display.

The front face of the phone has three soft buttons, (back, menu, and search) and in the rear is a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash and is capable of recording videos in 720p HD format at 24 frames per second!

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LG Optimus 7, a nice approach to Windows Phone 7

LG Optimus 7 E900After HTC, LG is the next mobile manufacturer that made a new mobile phone ready for the next generation of OS: LG Optimus 7. They are wiping off the idea about what they had previously when LG mobile phones meant java only phones with more app unfriendliness. After some successful Androids now they are showcasing the new lines of Windows Phone 7 devices which till now are not letting them down. The LG Optimus 7 is a meant for Windows Phone 7 OS having a 3.8-inches capacitive touch screen and a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Though this phone’s specs do not go with manufacturers phones, such as HTC, LG managed to run the giant Microsoft OS pretty smooth.

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