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FREAK bug also threatens Windows, researchers find

  • 07/03/2015 at 15:54 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Security KeyAfter the threat of the FREAK bug recently came to light, it was thought that only Apple and Android devices were under threat. Now, it looks like we can add Windows to that list. Considering the integration of all devices through a singular OS starting with Windows 10, it could prove an even bigger problem for them than the others.

The FREAK bug has been around for awhile, but it wasn’t found until now.It was created through a ridiculous, but thankfully now ended, rule that required companies to send weaker encryption and software overseas, for the sake of national security. This rules has not been used for a decade, allegedly.

Now, the bug allows hackers to decrypt HTTPS protected traffic.

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Microsoft Windows 8 is now RTM and will become available from October 26th

Windows 8 Metro UIToday, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturer (RTM) so the final product is ready for release. After a year of testing and going through a large consumer test, the operating system is ready to be released. The code for Windows 8 is being sent out today to all of Microsoft’s OEM partners and final preparations for the upcoming PC models can now be tested with the final release of Windows 8.

This is Microsoft’s big push on making an actual change to their Operating System to not just hold onto their market lead as the top operating system provider in the world but also to regain some ground that it has lost in recent years.

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Microsoft takes a whole new direction with Windows 8

  • 02/03/2012 at 23:18 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Windows 8 Metro UIWhile Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for desktops and laptops many will agree that Microsoft has done some real screw ups with Windows. Remember Windows Vista? That frustratingly obnoxious and buggy OS that almost everyone either downgraded from when they got it or just waited till Windows 7 was released. Well we all knew that Microsoft was heading in the right direction with Windows 7, but now Windows 8 is about to launch later this year – will it be another flop or will Microsoft continue on what Windows 7 had started and make it even more user friendly and innovative? Let’s find out!

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What should you know about Windows 8 Bootloader

Windows 8 Boot ScreenWindows has taken the brunt of attacks from hackers over the decades. No one will argue against that statement. Very few, however, in the Open world give Microsoft credit from not locking down the hardware Mac-style. This liberal mindset has allowed alternatives to flourish, particularly in the Linux world. The bell may be cracked however, in this ringing of liberty and it may all soon come to an end.

Microsoft has developed a newer tradition of requiring hardware manufacturers to meet certain requirements in order to be able to advertise themselves as “Designed for Windows”. Typically these requirements have not interfered with the user customizing their own system. After all, “The PC” is short for what used to be called the “IBM Compatible PC” and designated a modular, interchangeable and basically open system, customizable by the owner. Microsoft began changing this when made their licenses a lease of the operating system, essentially retaining full ownership of your copy of their software. This was the first step toward the closed universe, and many technicians were prophesying such.

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The next step into social is Microsoft Kin

Microsoft Kin One and TwoIt was a big day at San Francisco yesterday as Microsoft presented their first two phones: Kin One and Kin Two. The press event was called “It’s time to share“, probably because Kin phones will be the next step into social lives.

With this Kin, Microsoft wants to forward social networks to the next level and get a valuable part of the mobile phone consumers.

To merge social life with real life, Microsoft even made an experiment and picked a girl called Rosa to visit her social friends. The social experiment can be followed on Facebook. Now let’s get back to the social phones.

As we see in the screen shot taken from the official Kin website, both phones come with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a bright, clear touchscreen.

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Windows 7 Taskbar features

Windows 7 FeaturesLaunched last year in October, Windows 7 claims to be the most stable version of Windows after 98 or XP. We learned that it comes in 3 different version: Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and we saw what is the difference between them. We also learned, from our first post that Windows 7 system requirements aren’t so high as Vista was: 1/2Gb RAM and an 1 Ghz processor should do it. Since it’s been enough time to test this new operating system, today we discuss about the Taskbar.

Before talking about the new Taskbar, we want to speak a little about boot time in Windows 7. After we first open the computer, this is the phase when the PC loads it’s bios and then starts to boot the operating system that is installed on the hard drive. We discovered and we can confirm the fact that a system boots up faster when Windows 7 is installed. Is something close with what we all experienced at the first days after we installed XP and the system wasn’t load with  programs. It’s useless to compare it with Vista boot up time, because we all know it took more than 30 seconds to finish.

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Windows 7 is alive

windows_7The wait is over…Windows 7 had been released on 22 October so we couldn’t pass this event without writing something about it.

Windows Vista was the previous operating system that Microsoft claimed to be a new wave inside our computers. We all know Vista has been just a pain in the arse: lack of drivers, resource killer, security problems and a lot of related issues destroyed our faith in Microsoft’s operating systems(XP).


Windows 7 is a simplified version of previous operating system made by Microsoft(Xp + Vista). It comes with several fixes and tweaks to make our experience smoother and close to what we all expected.


You will find in stores 3 different types of Windows 7, each having more or less features:

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