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Windows 7 is alive

windows_7The wait is over…Windows 7 had been released on 22 October so we couldn’t pass this event without writing something about it.

Windows Vista was the previous operating system that Microsoft claimed to be a new wave inside our computers. We all know Vista has been just a pain in the arse: lack of drivers, resource killer, security problems and a lot of related issues destroyed our faith in Microsoft’s operating systems(XP).


Windows 7 is a simplified version of previous operating system made by Microsoft(Xp + Vista). It comes with several fixes and tweaks to make our experience smoother and close to what we all expected.


You will find in stores 3 different types of Windows 7, each having more or less features:

  • Home Premium is the cheapest version available(from 120$) and perfect for those who use their personal computer to do usual things and features: speed, improved desktop navigation, Internet Explorer 8, Windows Media Center.
  • Professional is the middle version with a price starting from 200$ and has basically Home Premium features + more: Xp Compatibilty Mode, Domain Join, Full Backup/Restore.
  • Ultimate is the highest version of Windows 7 available(from 220$) and includes 35 language packs and Bitlocker feature(data encryption).

System Requirements

Not all of us will be able to use Windows 7 on our computers, but we don’t have to panic because is not pretentious as Vista was. If you want to run it you will need:

  • Processor: 1Ghz (x32) or (x64) processor
  • Physical Memory: 1GB RAM (x32) or 2GB RAM(x64)
  • Internal Memory: 16GB (x32) or 20GB(x64)
  • Graphic Device: DirectX 9

We opened this new topic about Windows 7 in Software so in the coming weeks you will discover here some of the top features that will hopefully make this new Microsoft operating system become a success.

Will Bill Gates and his stuff find the path to deliver the perfect experience to world-wide users?

Did the user opinions count when Windows 7 was built?

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