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Microsoft Windows 10 launch details are now Official

Microsoft Windows 10With the hype for Windows 10 continuing to climb higher and higher, we now have real launch details that tell us a bit more about when we will be getting what we have all been waiting for.

According to Microsoft, they will be officially releasing Windows 10 this summer. That is good news for the people in the 190 countries where it will be released, in 111 languages.

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Windows 7 Taskbar features

Windows 7 FeaturesLaunched last year in October, Windows 7 claims to be the most stable version of Windows after 98 or XP. We learned that it comes in 3 different version: Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and we saw what is the difference between them. We also learned, from our first post that Windows 7 system requirements aren’t so high as Vista was: 1/2Gb RAM and an 1 Ghz processor should do it. Since it’s been enough time to test this new operating system, today we discuss about the Taskbar.

Before talking about the new Taskbar, we want to speak a little about boot time in Windows 7. After we first open the computer, this is the phase when the PC loads it’s bios and then starts to boot the operating system that is installed on the hard drive. We discovered and we can confirm the fact that a system boots up faster when Windows 7 is installed. Is something close with what we all experienced at the first days after we installed XP and the system wasn’t load with  programs. It’s useless to compare it with Vista boot up time, because we all know it took more than 30 seconds to finish.

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