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Microsoft Windows 10 launch details are now Official

Microsoft Windows 10With the hype for Windows 10 continuing to climb higher and higher, we now have real launch details that tell us a bit more about when we will be getting what we have all been waiting for.

According to Microsoft, they will be officially releasing Windows 10 this summer. That is good news for the people in the 190 countries where it will be released, in 111 languages.

It is a huge power grab by Microsoft, who have been dead set on a mission to prove they are still the big boys, and you shouldn’t mess with them. To further illustrate this point, they have previously told users of Windows 7 and higher that they can get the upgrade of their new and improved operating system for free.

Companies have been signing on to make the upgrade easier, such as Lenovo, Qihu 360 and Tencent. These three will be especially focused in China, where there has been a surge of support for the new Windows, and it is expected millions will take advantage of the free download.

Better Safety

Of course, a lot of this generosity comes not just from evangelizing, but a genuine need to increase security in a world when malware and vulnerabilities are just a part of the technology game.

Microsoft has already said that Windows 10 will have much stronger security and privacy settings for their customers, hopefully keeping users a step ahead of both criminals and government agencies. All while we attempt to ignore the irony of having to group those two into the same threat category.

Another interesting announcement was the adoption of personalized security protocols through Windows Hello. Both individual users and enterprises can use this feature, which offers iris, face and fingerprint verification that is synced through all Windows compatible devices.

For those worried about the security of biometric data, it is only secured locally, and so accessible by you. While the potential for vulnerabilities exist, it is it a decent workaround that at least provides a bit more privacy for those who choose to try it out. It is also a great skip in the technology, which is still struggling to find mainstream relevance outside of Apple’s fingerprint scanner post-iPhone 5.

Developers At The Core

The biggest news probably comes to developers, who are already expressing a great deal of excitement over the possibilities for this well integrated introduction into the Windows line.

With an eye on the growing Internet of Things, they are providing a version of Windows specifically for small footprint devices within the genre, and they are doing it as a free side-along product that anyone who has Windows either bought or as an upgrade can snatch up.

Thanks to a collaboration of a number of companies in the tech industry who are supporting Windows 10, developers have an amazing opportunity to piggyback off the OS and create something incredible. Especially using the Qualcomm DragonBoard 410C developer’s board, using Snapdragon 410 chips, integrated features like WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS, and every intention of allowing for apps and products that sync up as well as current Windows devices promise to.

Universal apps are the name of the game now, and Windows 10 will make it easier than ever to bridge the gap between PCs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and perhaps future wearables (if we follow the trends).

For those who are eagerly looking to start without waiting for the summer release, the support for universal apps won’t just start with Windows 10. Those programs can be created on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, ahead of the launch. So you can be prepared when Windows 10 is finally available for download, and get ahead of the crowd.


Windows 10 looks amazing, and I have gushed over it before in previous stories. But every new little detail is just better and better, and it is becoming a little overwhelming. Where Microsoft was falling behind, they are now pulling ahead in a big way. And falling back on their long earned reputation to really push this point home: they are here, and they are the best.

As an unabashed Microsoft girl since my first computer running Windows 95, it is so nice to see them continuing to surprise. It seems as though they really got things right this time around. Not least of all because of their focus on developers not only as innovators, but as industry leaders. They have managed to catch the tone that they didn’t quite manage with Windows 8 and 8.1, which also sang the praises of developers and what the might manage with that clunky, miserable OS.

We still have a couple of months, but it is hard to imagine anyone not taking advantage of the free upgrade. I am waiting with bated breath to replace my previously beloved Windows 7.

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