Neptune Suite creates the smartwatch experience that we have been waiting for

Neptune Suite SmartwatchNeptune Suite, an IndieGoGo campaign out of Montreal, Canada, has come up with a wearable device that you would actually want to spend the money on. It is an all-in-one personal device that can do a lot more than some of the smartwatches by the big guys.

Looking to make a really smartwatch, not just a fancy one with a couple of added features, the Neptune Suite may have actually managed to revolutionize the industry.

Here is what you should know:


You can make calls, which is probably the biggest news about the Neptune. Sure, not everyone wants to go all super-spy and make watch calls, but it is a cool evolution in the tech, nonetheless.

More practical is the ability to send messages, including through swiping actual text onto the screen with a finger. They have a QWERTY keyboard available for typing texts or sending emails.

It provides constant notifications that can be turned on or off in your settings, which are powered (like calls, texts, browsing the web and email) with 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. They covered their bases well there.

All of this also supports the use of streaming entertainment, such as videos and music. Though how well video will be viewed on such a small screen is debatable.

Other great features include fitness tracking (with a pedometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and, GPS for accurate calories burned, distance and activity monitoring), a front and rear camera, and a sleek design powered by Android.

Taking It To New Screens

Neptune provides three types of screen you can purchase to expand your use, though the capabilities of the smartwatch are still limited as far as primary computer use are concerned. You can get a pocket screen the size of a large Android phone, a tablet screen, or an actual laptop clone complete with keyboard. These all sync up by tapping the Neptune to the side.

However, the smarter thing to do is probably to buy the Dongle, a massive USB flash drive that turns any screen with a compatible port into a functioning screen for using your data.


This thing is really, really cool. If no other product has really been able to make a strong case for wearables, the Neptune Suite has managed the feat. Even I, outspokenly apathetic about the technological category, could see myself with one of these.

I would say the only downside is the size, as it is a monster. But if you don’t mind strapping a small smartphone screen to your wrist, you’re golden.

Source: Neptune Suite

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