Remixing The Tablet With Remix

Remix TabletA tablet isn’t a laptop. They’re fun, they’re useful, but they’re not a laptop. There’s potential there, but some companies focus on the image more than practicality. Time to Remix what a tablet is to allow it to fulfil its promise of being a computer more than a complementary device.

Jide Tech has understood what it will take for a tablet to become equal to a laptop. A keyboard, larger screen, multiple windows, a task bar, file manager, USB slot and a duo-angled kickstand are features that set the Remix apart from its competitors. A tablet may have so much on the inside, but if it’s only able to use one window at a time, so much of its internal parts are going to waste.

The Remix runs on Android’s 4.4.2 version. Normally, tablets come with a standard version of Android. The Remix comes with a redesigned Android OS that allows users a solid and comprehensive experience. Anyone who has used a tablet has found the experience to be full of potential yet to be realised.

Remix was designed by 3 ex-Google engineers who were a part of teams that designed products used by over 2 billion people in the world. Foxconn are partners in the Remix tablet, and have the experience to put the hardware to the software designed for Remix. Currently the Remix is on Kickstarter looking for funding. It has been launched in China for the past year, and the company are looking for a US launch.

One of the best features of the Remix is the idea of the community having a say in its development. Rather than being told what you want as a user, the Remix tablet offers a community where if your suggestion has enough support, the team will attempt to make the want become a possibility.

The idea of making a tablet easier to use and to gain more productivity from the device is interesting to me. I currently own a laptop and a tablet, but due to the design I wouldn’t think about writing this article on the tablet. It doesn’t have the user experience I require of it. The Remix changes how the tablet is thought of, not just as a portable device but a tablet that is portable and productive.

The full specs of the Remix tablet are:

  • 11.6” Full HD IPS touchscreen
  • 1920 x 1080p
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Magnetic keyboard and Touchpad/Screen cover
  • Weight: 189mm x 295mm/860g
  • NVIDIA Tegra4+1 A15 Processor 1.81GHz CPU
  • Tegra GPU GeForce ULP72
  • 2Gb DDR3L RAM/64Gb eMMC internal storage
  • Micro SD slot with up to 126Gb expansion
  • Front and back 5MP cam and duo mics
  • 8100mAh Duo Charging System

Source: Kickstarter

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