Taylor app will help users trade cryptocurrency in a smart way

TaylorFollowing cryptocurrency as an investor is difficult with the changes and volatility in the market. The number of cryptocurrencies and exchanges coming up are hard to keep track of, and making transactions are proving to be an issue for old and new investors. A new app going by the name Taylor is here to help people to buy in, trade and follow different cryptocurrencies and exchanges easily.

Taylor – Cryptocurrency bot

The idea comes from the development of a bot that tracks the cryptocurrency market, originally on the Bittrex exchange, that lets the user know what changes are happening and when would be a good time to sell or buy. For cryptocurrency investors, Taylor is a useful product that can help them to know when a sell-off is happening, so they can make decisions in real time on what trades to make, keep or consider.

Taylor can watch the markets, notify you when there it believes that it is the best time to sell or buy and to trade within the app at a push on the screen. Within the app users can know what strategy they are using; chart information in real time; what the trading pair is and where the trade is performed. Real-time 24-hour market information is consistently updated, and available; previous trades will be saved for future reference and the start trading button to get the process off the ground.

Taylor App

What is possible

With the first release of Taylor, users will have the ability to perform a scalping strategy. This strategy will give users a small gain of 1% to 3% with more strategies becoming available as the platform evolves. A bot within the app is there so you can set and forget the trade, allowing Taylor to do all the work for you. Users will be able to use the service on a range of platforms, so you can always check on what is happening where you are (As long as there is an internet connection).

Currently, Taylor is having a token sale fundraiser to gain funds for the project. Users are able to buy TAY tokens which later can be exchanged used to pay for the app or to exchange on the cryptocurrency markets. TAY will be an ERC20 compatible token. Out of total number of 10,000,000 TAY which will be issued once the funding period ends, 6,535,000 TAY are available for purchase.

The price right now of 1 TAY is 0.0007 ETH so hurry up until the token sale period ends.

The app’s first version will be free of charge for the first 6 months, after that, the service will cost USD 60.00 per month. Users who pay with the TAY token may get discounts on the service fee.

For new users who want to get into the cryptocurrency market, but are worried about a lack of knowledge or experienced users who know what they are doing but want help tracking the market, Taylor is something worth considering.

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