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Google Android Go aims again to target low end smartphones

Android Oreo Go EditionGoogle is letting out a new version of Android called Android Go. This new edition of Android aims to give users on inexpensive, low-end models the Android experience on their smartphones. This version is Google’s second attempt in this area following a failed attempt called Android One.

Android Go uses less space, saves data

To start with, Android Go takes up less space as an operating system than the standard Android Oreo version. The OS comes in at just over 3GB, getting rid of almost 2GB of data stored internally. For phones with a low amount of storage, this will be a good thing.

The apps

Obviously, Google’s apps have enhancements with designs to save space and use fewer data. For files, File Go takes care of that for you. File Go lets you know if there are any files you can delete or send to the cloud. Datally tracks the data usage of apps, turn off unwanted data usage and keep the user within set limits if data is expensive. YouTube Go is a version of Google’s YouTube app that tells you how much data a video will use while streaming and give the user a choice of three options – Basic, standard and high. Knowing how much data a video will use up is probably a good idea for the standard YouTube app as well. Gmail Go is a lightweight version of Gmail, and it is like its full-strength version. Google Go has a new design that makes it easier to search for translations, search for images and has easy access to GIFs.

On the Play Store, there is a new section for users that shows you what app do not take up too much space or use a lot of data. This section is just a small addition to the Play Store, not a complete feature.

Who is it for

This version of Android will be good for many people who do not want an expensive smart or who have no other choice than to purchase an inexpensive smartphone. The user will have pretty much all the capabilities of other Android devices without the need for a high-powered device. There is a need out there for feature-rich smartphones that do not have all the bells and whistles of high-end devices.

The ability to control your data usage, control your apps and access to an inexpensive smartphone is something that could help many people. Google just needs phone manufacturers to see the potential here and get onboard with them.

Source: Google

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