Better Online Privacy With Betterspot VPN Router

Betterspot VPN RouterOnline security is a big issue and Betterspot VPN Router wants to solve this once and for all. There’re all the sites that track you and collect your data. Then there’s the possibility that this data could be hacked and your information released. Even if a legitimate business is trustworthy, there’s still the question of how secure they keep their information. Betterspot is a device that gives you the means to take online security into your own hands.

What Is The Betterspot VPN Router?

Betterspot is a little box of at home security. It connects to your router and provides a constant VPN for all your devices. There’s no need to install and configure all your devices (Computer, smartphone, TVs, tablets etc) separately. This is great for families who want to keep everyone secure or places where different people connect to a router. Best of all, it’s compatible with macOS, iPhone, Windows, Android and Linux.

For those who don’t know, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Your information is hidden in the VPN before it interacts with the public web. A VPN can remove geo-restrictions, give access to blocked content and stop you from being monitored.

Betterspot used the Tor Anonymity Network. In short, the Tor network is like an onion. It wraps up your information in layers of encryption. This means that anyone who wants to find your data has to really try.

Control Your Connections

Benefits of Betterspot include ease of use, on demand service and auto-updating. The fact that Betterspot is so simple is a massive plus. Regular internet users enjoy the ease of a device without the need to go deep into the settings. To control the VPN, just use the app on your smartphone. Through this, you’re able to select the device mode, filter traffic and select your location.

Betterspot has a simple and classic design – Smooth and black. It’s small, 3.14 inches wide, 3.14 inches high, 0.90 inches in depth and weighs 0.60lb. There’s two 100Mbps interfaces and 2×2 802.11/bgn wireless. Data can be transfers at speeds of up to 300Mbps. Wifi coverage is max 75 square metres or 800 square feet.

Betterspot VPN router is available on Kickstart as an earlybird special for $80 with 1-month VPN Betternet Premium and unlimited Tor Service. $100 gets you a Betterspot and 1-year VPN service. $240 gets a device and lifetime VPN Betternet service. The standard Kickstarter prices are $100 for a device and 1-month service, $125 for 1 year and $300 for the lifetime service.

Source: Kickstarter

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