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Free your Photos with a gadget called Podo

PodoCameras on your smartphone are great, but there’s always room for evolution. Enter Podo, the first stick and shoot camera. Let’s go into detail below to find out why you’d want a Podo.

Stick The Podo Anywhere

The standout feature of the Podo is its micro-adhesive sticky pad. With the sticky pad, this camera sticks to any surface without clips, stands or other accessories. Plus, the adhesive continued being sticky and washed using water.

The camera works on the premise of large pixels means better photos. Large pixels allow in more light, increases dynamic range, reduce noise in the image and works well in low light. The camera is 5MP with a 2.2 μm sensor. The lens is wide angle and glass to take in more of what you want to capture.

Body and App, Heart and Soul

The body design is clever. There’s a rotating hinge so you can get trick shots. An accelerometer that automatically orients the LED lights. There is 8GB of memory to store images. The Li-ion battery can take up to 1000 photos, 1.5 hours of video or last up to 2 weeks on standby. The size is 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.5 inches and the device weighs 1.5 oz.

Now, the Podo App is where all the power and controls are. The features of the app include the standard photo option, time lapse, 720 HD video at 30 fps, multi (Control up to 6 devices at once), booth and solo. The app is available for iPhone 5 and up or Android 4.4 and up. The camera and app connect via Bluetooth.

Podo Design BuildPodo is for use in all kinds of situations. Taking a selfie changed when you don’t need to hold on to the camera, no one needs to miss out or run into the shot in group photos. If you’re a sporty person, you could use a camera or two so you can review a game or training session.

On Kickstarter, a single camera is $49 (Normally $79). A twin pack is $89. And for a six pack, it comes to $229. Accessories for the Podo are affordable. A carry case is $5, a waterproof casing $10, a set of sticky pads $5 and a drawstring bag $5. And if you refer your friends, there’s also a range of rewards. Ten referrals for 5 Podos, a carry case, three sticky pads and a drawstring bag. The top refer gets advance models of the next Podo as well as Podo #001.

Source: Kickstarter

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