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Google Pixel is aiming the high end market

Google Pixel SmartphoneGoogle has finally released their own smartphone, the Pixel. Unlike the Nexus smartphone, this new family of smartphones is a Google only creation. Google are taking on Apple at their own game. It makes sense, as creating a smartphone and operating system specifically to work together helps get software and hardware functioning smooth.

The Google Pixel Camera

Google are starting with a claim that’s heard a lot – This is the best smartphone camera. Google Pixel received a DxOMark Mobile score of 89 for its camera. The device has a 12.3MP camera with f/2.0 aperture and 1.55-micron pixels. The camera app has improved, but there’s always third party apps if you need an app with more. The front camera is 8MP.

The aim was to have Pixel’s camera able to take quality images in any light. The exposure controls in the app creative photographers’ tools to enhance their images Smartburst is a feature to capture action shots and rapid fire sequence images. Lens Blur is an interesting effect that changes the depth of field and bokeh effects.

Inside The Google Pixel Phone

The Pixel will come in two sizes, a 5-inch model and a 5.5 Pixel XL. The processor is the Snapdragon 821 SoC (Essentially the same as the Snapdragon 820, but with 2.4Ghz over 2.15Ghz. There is 4GB RAM and 32GB or 128GB storage options. There is the fingerprint reader on the back, like Nexus devices.

The battery is 2770mAh for the 5-inch Pixel and 3450mAh for the Pixel XL. The battery is charged by USB Type-C. Google claims that this device can get up to seven hours charge in 15 minutes. Charging this fast is very handy for busy users.

Google Assistant and Daydream

The new smartphones will be the first Android models to feature Google Assistant. Google Assistant allows you to speak normally to interact with the phone. OK Google is still the command to get started. Then say “I want to see pictures of shoes I’ve taken”, and Google will bring up any pictures you have of shoes.

Google Pixel models are also the first phones to be Daydream Ready. Daydream is Google’s VR headset. Similar to Samsung Gear VR, except designed for the Android ecosystem in general.

The three colours that the Pixel will be available in are Very Silver, Quite Black and Really Blue (Limited US only release). Live Cases will show your favourite photos or images from a new Artwork collection.

US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia can pre-order the standard 5-inch 32GB Pixel for $649. The Pixel XL is $769. To upgrade to 128GB storage is an extra $100 for either model.

Source: Google


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