Introducing an easy, affordable VR streamer: Orah 4i

Orah 4i VR StreamerIn a time when virtual reality is set to become the latest major evolution in media technology, we are still lumbering under its expense and complexity. But a new product called Orah 4i may have jumped us ahead to a cheaper, simpler level in VR.

A sleek new advertisement showing some of its capabilities have set the tech world ablaze. Shown as a basic rig that mounts a small, lightweight camera, it packs a lot of punch within its tiny frame.

Addressing the difficulty of streaming live to existing VR devices, the Orah 4i is a nifty solution. The mounted camera streams in 4k panoramic view, then transfers that image to headsets. mobile phones, and other devices cleanly and quickly.

Making VR Streams Workable

There are already streaming camera that work with virtual technology headsets. But time and again the manufacturers have run into serious issues with the usability of equipment. Heavy, difficult to maneuver and requiring plenty of manual labor to operate, cameras have been one of VR’s most problematic hurdles.

VideoStitch, the makers of Orah 4i, wanted to create something that was designed for quick setup and use anywhere. In the video, it shows people on the go grabbing the mount and placing it down anywhere that it is needed in an instant. The single cord design ensures a quick connect, and the lightness of the tripod gives anyone access.

Orah 4i Tech Specs

The Orah 4i boasts an Intel CPU, Nvidia graphics card, and 120 GB SSD for storage. The single ethernet connection is very convenient, and all streaming images are high definition. No more sacrificing quality for a lower price tag.

At the moment, the set price is $1800 for the entire set (camera, rig, and technical components). Far less than anything else on the market, and an impressive addition to VR technology.

Source: Orah

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