Samsung Tab Pro S Tablet, the toughest Surface opponent

Samsung Tab Pro S TabletSamsung Tab Pro S tablet was designed to take on Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Unlike Samsung’s previous tablets, the Tab S Pro uses Windows 10 as its operating System. The Tab Pro S isn’t the tablet to remove the need for a desktop. It does, however, show that Samsung wants to be a major player in the race for the ultimate tablet.

Samsung Tab Pro S Tablet’s Display

The display of Samsung’s Tab Pro S tablet is up to the usual quality of Samsung Devices. It has a Super AMOLED display, 12 inches in size, a 3:2 aspect ratio and 2160×1440 pixel resolution. AN issue with the size of the Tab Pro S is a bit too big to be used as an entertainment device. As something to use for productivity, this is its strongest point. Microsoft and Apple aim for the creative user. Samsung instead has gone for professional and business people who want a tablet that is a workhorse.

Keyboard and Internals

The keyboard on Samsung Tab Pro S tablet is quality. This is important for productivity, possibly more important than a pretty looking display. The keyboard is also the case, has a function row and shortcuts. A trackpad is also found on the keyboard. The thinness of the Tab Pro S is less than the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro. While the keyboard doesn’t look impressive, typing on it is a good experience.

The processor in Samsung’s Tab Pro S tablet is Intel’s Core M-Series. This is a dual-core, 1.52GHz core M3-6Y30 chip. There is 4GB of ram and a 128GB solid-state internal drive. The graphics are run by an integrated Intel HD 515 graphics chip. This makes multitasking on the Tab Pro S easy to do. Especially for those who like to have multiple tabs running when browsing online.

Battery life on Samsung’s Tab S Pro tablet is very good. It compares to Inwho dislike paying “extra” for a needed piece of hardware. Prices for the Tab Pro start at $897.99. If you’re after atel’s i-core devices and outperforms most other M-Core devices. Having Windows as it operating system will be a plus for those who are Windows users for life. It will be easy to move between a Windows laptop or desktop, keeping what you know there for you.

Samsung Tab Pro S tablet comes with the keyboard. A plus for those

tablet that is productive and works hard, then the Tab Pro S is recommended.

Source: Samsung

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