Ossic X: Immerse yourself in 3D audio

Ossic XThe Ossic X is the world’s most advanced 3D audio headphone. The design of the headphone set calibrates the sound to your anatomy and what’s around you. Music, gaming and movie experience delivered to you in 3D audio.

It’s an amazing experience, finding yourself away from everything. When the background noise of life disappears, and from all around you are the sounds of the world in three dimensions. Music is something that is experienced, something you can’t touch that touches us deep inside. An immersive listening experience is one that sinks into your memory, creating emotions and dreams.

Ossic X Features

Ossic X does this through HRTF anatomy calibration, integrated head tracking and multi-driver array. HRTF anatomy calibration reads your head and torso to give you a higher level of sound quality than the traditional style of headphone. Integrated head tracking makes the sound from music, gaming or movies feel as if it’s coming from all around you, understanding the space of the room or outside space your in. Multi-driver array is eight drivers that work individually as a team, playing back the sounds based on your ear shape. Ossic X is the closest experience to the real world as you’ll get in a pair of headphones.

In terms of the uses, the Ossic X adds to the experience of virtual reality, gaming, movies and music. The experience with virtual reality makes it feel like you’re in immersed in the location, increases the sense of presence and renders sound in x, y, z coordinates in space. For games, you’ll find yourself more immersed in the gaming experience, the sounds will give you more accuracy and a competitive advantage and it comes with a boomless mic for talking to your buddies (Or giving it to those you’re destroying!). For movies at home, this will be a theatre experience that can’t be found in a lot of theatres. Music comes to you in ways that the artist intended, or some they didn’t even think of. The Ossic X replicated the ideal listening room or speaker setup, making the experience something spectacular.

The prices for the Ossic X on Kickstarter are $249 for one set and $999 for an exclusive innovator/developer package. This package includes a hand built Ossic X development kit headphone with beta software in August 2016 and one of the first production models in November 2016. An added bonus is having a role in the Ossic X, with your feedback creating a solid experience for anyone who ends up with the Ossic X.

Source: Kickstarter

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