Hitachi Emiew3 robot has been announced

Hitachi Emiew3 RobotFollowing the release of Pepper, the robot from tech company SoftBank, Hitachi Emiew3 is this week the newest robot arrival. Emiew3 is the latest competitor, and they claim it will be smaller, faster and more agile than its counterpart.

The rush towards robotic relevance is really heating up. Before an industry that was slow to make genuine progress, it seems like all at once we are making leaps and bounds with the tech. Pepper was proof of that incredible jump forward, and now Emiew3 is hoping to even further impress.

Last week a demonstration was help that showed what the bot was capable of. Pretending to be a lost tourist, one of the engineers was stopped by the Emiew3 and asked if they could be of any assistance. Originally asking in Japanese, the robot switched to the engineer’s language after it registered a question in English. Then it led her to the requested information.

Increased Environmental Awareness With the Emiew3

This adaptability is sets it apart from the Pepper model. While an impressive step forward in robotics, the SoftBank offering has several flaws. For one, it moves incredibly slowly. The Hitachi Emiew3 is propelled on two wheels, maneuvering smoothly and quickly.

Another problem is its mobility. If Pepper falls or is knocked over, it will have to be set upright by a passing human. The Emiew3, however, is able to stand on its own. This improved design feature vastly increases its usability, making it more environmentally conscious without a human watcher on hand.

How The Hitachi Emiew3 and Pepper Stack Up

It may seem as though Pepper has become obsolete overnight. But that is far from the case. The use of the robot would be ideal for households requiring some form of assistance. For example, it was programmed to be used by the elderly who are in need of companionship, and small tasks to be done around the home.

In this regard, Pepper is the preferable model. It is slow and precise. Plus the more humanlike facial features make it more friendly and identifiable, a crucial element to companion technology.

But Emiew3 is set for other tasks. The example of the engineer masquerading as a tourist is a great one; the Hitachi bot is well suited for information gathering and administering, and perhaps even in service or medical oriented positions.

The Hitachi Emiew3 is slated to hit the market by 2018, by current projections.

Source: Hitachi

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