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HTC 10 smartphone will focus on speed and software stability

HTC 10HTC have announced a new flagship smartphone. Known at the 10 (Just 10, which seems to be a popular name at the moment), this is HTC’s best smartphone yet. The HTC 10 is what’s expected from a flagship smartphone. HTC has updated its smartphone and listened to what customers want. However, it’s not something that makes the user think “wow”.

HTC 10 – Hardware and Software

Within the HTC 10 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM. Internal storage is 32GB and there is an expandable MicroSD slot. These are standard features on flagship smartphones. HTC’s attempt to differentiate itself is in how the hardware uses the software.

The software (Using Android) is said to be more responsive than the M9 by 50%. Faster touch response the HTC 10 is a plus, but it may not be enough to challenge other high-end smartphones. HTC have aimed to remove any bloatware. Google’s suite of apps (Mail, calendar, photos and music) is upfront for users who are used to these standards. HTC’s kept a couple of its own apps on the device, but why someone needs two of the same app is questionable.

The Camera

The rear camera on the HTC 10 is a 12-megapixel sensor with an optically stabilized f/1.8 lens. The aim of this is to make taking photos in low light better than HTC smartphones have previously done. There is a dual-LED flash with a laser autofocus system. Video is captured in 4K with 24-bit high-resolution audio. The front camera is a 5 mega-pixel sensor with the same optical stabilization as the front camera.

Audio and Battery

The audio on the HTC 10 is impressive. HTC worked with JBL to create a high-quality sound experience. It is possible to upscale audio to 24-bit quality. The ability to create a customizable sound profile means that audio can be made just as you want it. The headphones that come with the HTC 10 are noise-cancelling and connect to the USB-C port.

An added feature is the HTC 10 is the first out-of-the-box Android that is able to connect to AirPlay certified speakers.

The battery of the HTC 10 is 300mAh. HTC claim this works for up to two days when connected to efficiently designed hardware and software. If this lives up to any truth is to be seen. Charging is done through Quick Charge 3.0 and a USB Type-C port.

The HTC 10 will be priced at $699. The colours available will be black and silver in the US, a gold option everywhere else in the world and a red color in Japan. Preorders are available on the HTC online store today.

Source: HTC Press

Via: TheVerge

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